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John Pinkerton

Photo of John Pinkerton

BSSc(Hons), MSSc, MSc, CQSW, PhD 
Professor in Social Work
Room 2.14, 6 College Park
Ext: 5988; Email:

Following undergraduate and post graduate study in sociology at Queens Prof Pinkerton entered social work as a Trainee with the Northern Health and Social Services Board, Northern Ireland . He obtained his professional qualification from the London School of Economics. Having worked as a field social worker in Newtownabbey, he started his academic career at the Ulster Polytechnic. He joined the social work staff at Queen's in 1985. He has been involved in social work training at qualifying, post qualifying and advanced level and in social work research, focused on child care, for the last twenty years. He is a member of the Association of University Teachers and committee member of the Belfast Association . 

He has been adviser to Parents Aid (N.I.), a mutual support group for parents of children in care Chair of the Northern Ireland Children's Rights Alliance, Council member of the London based Children's Rights Development Unit, and Chair of First Key (N.I.) which promotes the interests of children leaving care.  He was member of the Personal Social Services Advisory Committee, Department of Health & Social Services (N.I.), Chairing its Children's Sub Committee, was seconded to the Irish Government as advisor on the development of the National Children's Strategy; Our Children Their Lives . He is involved in the development of the Northern Ireland Strategy for Children and Young People and with the Irish Department of health and Children's Review of Family Support.


Prof Pinkerton is primarily involved in managing and contributing to teaching and training at post qualifying and advanced level. His teaching interests include child welfare, social work within the Irish context, international perspectives, critical social work theory and research methods. Across his career he has been involved in designing and contributing to a wide range of university based courses at all levels plus statutory and voluntary sector in service training programmes. He was Joint Chair of the planning group that developed the QUB/UU joint Masters in Advanced Social Work. He has tutored across the range of qualifying and post qualifying courses as well as supervising part time and full time research postgraduates at masters and doctoral levels. He is Vice Chair of the NI PQ Partnership and Chair of its Quality Assurance Board, an Assessor for the Irish National Social Work Qualifications Board, and External Examiner to the MSW, Trinity College Dublin.


Prof Pinkerton was Head of School from 2001 to August 2005. He previously spent five years as Senior Research Fellow and team leader in the School's Centre for Child Care Research.

Research interests

Prof Pinkerton's major areas of research interest are young people leaving car, family support, and the impact of research on policy and practice. In addition he has written on social work within the particular conditions of Northern Ireland within a UK and an all Ireland context, rights based social work practice and children in care placed at home. His major theoretical interest is in the policy and practice of child welfare as an interface for exploring the relationship between the state and civil society. He is interested in evaluation and qualitative methodologies.

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