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Karen McElrath


BSc, MSc, PhD
Reader in Criminology
Room 1.04, 1 College Park East
Ext: 3551


Ph.D., Criminology, 1989, Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida)
M.S., Justice Administration, 1984, University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky)
B. S., Police Administration, 1983, University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky)

Prior Academic Appointments

Department of Sociology, University of Miami (Florida)
August 1991 - May 1996 (tenure awarded)

Department of Sociology, Duquesne University (Pennsylvania)
August 1989 - July 1991


I convene the following modules:

  • Crime and Society (core, second year)
  • Sociology of Drugs (option, final year)

Current research interests

  1. Heroin use and injecting practice
  2. Methadone maintenance as social control
  3. New synthetic stimulants (e.g mephedrone, MDPV)


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Other work in the drug field

Specialist Advisor, Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, Inquiry into the Drugs Trade and Drug Misuse in Northern Ireland, 2003.

Advisory Board, Turas Counseling Services (2008-2009); South Belfast Drug Outreach Project (2002-2006); Belfast Youth Longitudinal Study (1999-2004); Dunlewey Substance Advice Centre (2004-2009).

Drug and Alcohol Information and Research Working Group, (Northern Ireland), Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (2001-2003).

Co-Organiser (with Professor Dale D. Chitwood, University of Miami, Florida), Emergent Drug Issues for the 21st Century. Workshop sponsored by Queen’s University and the University of Miami.