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Full List of Publications



Connolly, P., Sibbett, C., Hanratty, J., Kerr, K., O’Hare, L. and Winter, K. (2011) Pupils’ Emotional Health and Wellbeing: A Review of Audit Tools and a Survey of Practice in Northern Ireland Post-Primary Schools, Belfast: Centre for Effective Education, Queen’s University Belfast.

Winter, K (2006) The participation of 'looked-after' children in their health care: a critical review of the research, International Journal of Children's Rights, 14, 1, 77-97.

Winter, K (2006) The participation of 'looked after' children in public law proceedings. In D. Iwaniec (ed) Children's Care Pathways. London: John Wiley.

Winter, K (2006) Widening our knowledge concerning young 'looked after' children: the case for using sociological models of childhood, Child and Family Social Work, 11, 55-64.

Winter, K and Connolly, P (2005) A small scale study of the relationship between measures of deprivation and child care referrals, British Journal of Social Work, 35, 1-16.

Winter, K and Cohen, O (2005) Identity issues for 'looked after' children with no knowledge of their origins: Implications for research and practice, Adoption and Fostering, 29 (2), 44-52.

Winter, K (1999) Children's rights in practice, Child Care in Practice, 5, 102-6.

Winter, K and Connolly, P (1996) Keeping it in the family: Thatcherism and the Children Act 1989. In J. Pilcher and S. Wagg (eds),Thatcher's Children: Politics, Childhood and Society. London: Falmer Press.

Winter, K (1992) The Day they Took Away our Children: Ritualistic Abuse, Social Work and the Press. Social Work Monograph Series, Norwich: University of East Anglia.


Completed Research Projects

2010-2011 Connolly, P (PI) O'Hare, L. Sibbett, C.Kerr and Winter ‘Pupils’ Emotional Health and Wellbeing: A Review of Audit Tools and a Survey of Practice in Northern Ireland’, funder DENI - Department of Education (Northern Ireland) [R323]. Follow link for further information:

2010-2011 Winter, K. (PI) Connolly, P., Ferguson, J. and Bell, I.  ‘Effects of the Letterbox Club on the educational outcomes for primary school children aged 7-11 years in foster care in Northern Ireland’, funder Fostering Network Northern Ireland.  Follow link for further information:

2010 Miller, Connolly, P. and Winter, K.  ‘“Ready to Learn” - Literature Review Regarding Interventions and Parental Engagement’, funder Barnardos, Northern Ireland.   


PhD students

2012 -Teresa Brown Social Care Workers views on effective relationship-based practice in residential care

2012 - Peter Bryson What next after empowerment? Can the outcomes of early intervention programmes be sustained. Case Studies from the implementation of the Families and Schools Together Programme (FAST), in Belfast, Glasgow and London.

2010 - Michele Mallon An Epidemiological Study of Young Children’s Awareness of and Attitudes Toward Disability

2012 - Jennifer Mooney (DEL studentship) A Randomised Controlled Trial Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Letterbox Club in Improving Educational Outcomes among Children Aged 7-11 Years in Foster Care In Northern Ireland.

2012 - Kieran Shields An Ethnographic Study into the views of Irish Traveller children on their early education in one school in the southern region of Northern Ireland