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Kathryn Higgins

Photo of Dr Kathryn Higgins

BA hons QUB; Msc Cardiff, PhD (QUB)
ICCR Assistant Director
Room: 6:01:025, 6 College Park
Ext 5286; Email:

Dr Kathryn Higgins is Assistant Director for the ICCR.  She joined the Institute when it was first set up in 1995. Her research interests and publications focus on risk behaviours among young people particularly around substance use. She has also published in the area of family support and was lead researcher on the large scale study on family support conducted by the ICCR. Kathryn is also currently chair of the Northern Ireland Child Care Research Forum, a multi-disciplinary initiative created in 2004, that aims to develop a crosscutting research culture between academics, policy makers and practitioners through collaborative action in Northern Ireland. Kathryn currently supervises a number of research students, staff and projects within the ICCR.

Recent Publications

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