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Stan Houston

Photo of Stan Houston
Stan Houston

BSc(Hons), MA, CQSW, CACC, PhD, Advanced Award in Social Work
Professor in Social Work
Room: 02/015, 6 College Park
Ext: 5968; email:

I have worked in child and family social work for around twenty years before entering higher education in 1997. My main research interest lies in the application of critical social theory to social work. I have attained 60 publications drawing on this theoretical source.  In this context, I have utilised and re-worked the theories of Habermas, Bourdieu, Giddens, Honneth, Layder and Bhaskar to provide a critical account of modern social work including ways of enhancing practice to tackle social injustice. A particular interest lies in critical realism. I have also published artilces on moral philosophy and its connection with ethical issues in social work practice. More recently, I have drawn on critical social theory to add insights to existing qualitative methods such as ‘Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis’. Most of my published work appears in peer-reviewed journals with high impact ratings. I have attained 10 publications in the British Journal of Social Work.

In terms of empirical research, I am interested in the application of qualitative methods to the evaluation of child and family social work. More specifically, I am interested in developing social work practice and critical reflection through the use of action research and action learning sets. To this end, I have applied action research within residential child care and am keep to develop local research in this setting. Other research includes a study on social workers’ court reports in cases of child care and teaching and education on child protection. I am keen to offer doctoral supervision in relation to any of these themes particlularly where the student is interested in applying theories from the social sciences to understand complex human behaviours. I have successfully supervised five students to completion of higher research degrees (three PhDs and one, MPHil).

In terms of teaching, I have been extensively involved in the development of post-qualifying social work education, both regionally and within the univesity. I am currently the course co-ordinator for the MSc in Applied Social Studies (Child Care Pathway). This course aims to develop advanced practice in child and family social work drawing on theories of attachment, human growth and behaviour, resilience, trauma and systems theory.

In my current role as Director of Postgraduate Research, I am currently a member of the School’s Senior Management Board.

My career progression within higher eduaction is as follows: 1997 – lecturer in social work, University of Ulster; 1998-2004 – lecturer in social work, Queen’s University Belfast; 2005-2012: senior lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast; 2012 – Reader in social work, Queen’s University Belfast; 2013 - Professor.

Recent publications


Houston, S. (2014) Reflecting on Psycho-Domains in Social Work. Belfast: NISCC

Chapters in Books

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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Houston, S. (2014) Meta-Theoretical Paradigms Underpinning Risk in Child Welfare: Towards a Position of Methodological Pragmatism, Children and Youth Services Review (forthcoming).

Houston, S. (2012) ‘Reviewing the Coming Crisis in Social Work: A Response to Longhofer and Floersch, Research on Social Work Practice (in press).

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