Professor Edna Longley

Edna Longley, Professor Emerita

Professor Emerita

Professor Edna Longley is one of the most influential critics writing on modern Irish and British poetry, and is one of the most powerful voices in contemporary Irish culture. While earning international renown for her many publications, she has also had a huge and enabling influence on the literary culture of Northern Ireland, especially at Queen's University, through her teaching, and through the English Society that flourished under her direction, giving much impetus to the creation of The Seamus Heaney Centre. Married to the distinguished poet Michael Longley, she was the recipient of an honorary degree from Trinity College Dublin in 2003.

 Edna Longley 's most recent publication is ‘The Great War, History and the English Lyric', in ed., Vincent Sherry, The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the First World War (2005). She is currently working on The Annotated Edward Thomas , to be published by Bloodaxe Books in 2007. She will also be one of the editors for the planned Oxford University Press series: Edward Thomas: The Essential Prose.

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Academic CV





Poetry in the Wars  (Published by Bloodaxe,  1986)

Louis MacNeice: A Study (Published by Faber and Faber, 1988)

The Living Stream: Literature and Revisionism in Ireland (Published by Bloodaxe, 1994)

Poetry and Posterity (Published by Bloodaxe, 2000)

The Bloodaxe Book of 20th Century Verse (ed.)  (Published by Bloodaxe, 2000)

Multiculturalism: The View from the Two Irelands (with Declan Kiberd) (Published by Cork University Press, 2001)

Other works edited by Edna Longley:-

Edward Thomas: First and Last Poems (Collins, 1972).  

Selected James Simmons (Blackstaff, 1978).

Selected Paul Durcan (Blackstaff, 1982).

A Language Not to Be Betrayed: Selected Prose of Edward Thomas (Carcanet, 1985).

Across a Roaring Hill: The Protestant Imagination in Modern Ireland, co-ed.,(Blackstaff, 1985).

Marin Sorescu: The Biggest Egg in the World (Bloodaxe, 1987).

Dorothy Hewett: Alice in Wormland: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe, 1990).

Culture in Ireland: Division or Diversity? (Belfast Institute of Irish Studies, 1991).

Yeats Annual No.12: That Accusing Eye - Yeats and His Irish Readers,co-ed., (Palgrave, 1996).

Ireland (Ulster) Scotland: Concepts, Contexts, Comparisons, co-ed., (Queen's Uiversity, Belfast, 2003).