Ken Arthur

The Tissue CTU is managed by Ken Arthur, a graduate of the Ulster Polytechnic (now UUJ) and QUB. Ken began his career in 1977 as a trainee in the Teaching & Research Laboratory, Institute of Pathology, QUB. He quickly obtained his O.N.C. in Sciences (with optional Medical Laboratory Sciences) and an H.N.C, (Medical Laboratory Sciences, specialising in Histopathology & Cytology) before registration with the Health Professions Council as a qualified Biomedical Scientist. Ken completed the Special Examination of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, leading to the award of Fellowship of the Institute. Promotions to Senior and Chief Biomedical Scientist ensued.

For over twenty years Ken led the provision of diagnostic “light microscopy” for the N.I. Regional Renal Pathology Service and associated research. For many years he oversaw provision of "Special Stains" for both research and diagostic service in the Institute of Pathology on the RGH site and also developed flow cytometry not only as a research tool, but also as a powerful diagnostic aid, particularly in the areas of borderline tumours and hydatidiform moles. For nearly thirty years he oversaw the provision of teaching materials in medical, dental and other courses, as well as lecturing and tutoring. Ken has taken a leading role in training of Biomedical Scientists for a number of hospitals in Northern Ireland.

Ken has been involved in many aspects of medical research and has guided and advised countless PhD and MD students towards their degrees, as well as gaining his own masters degree by research. Ken registered on the “Continuing Professional Development” (CPD) scheme of The Institute of Biomedical Sciences at its inception, and was among the first in Northern Ireland to be awarded a diploma in CPD. Ken has subsequently been awarded four further diplomas for CPD, is constantly updating his skills and knowledge and is currently working towards a sixth diploma. His expertise has been recognised by The Science Council, with the award of “Chartered Scientist” status.

Trained by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), Ken is a member of the University Human Tissue Steering Group and is registered with the HTA as a “Person Designated” (PD) for Queens.

He brings to the Tissue CTU the following fields of expertise

Extensive knowledge of histology technologies
Human Tissue Authority (HTA) expertise
Laboratory management

Tel: CCRCB ext 2921

Ken Arthur MMedSci CSci FIBMS AIAS
Chief Biomedical Scientist, Tissue CTU
School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
Queen’s University Belfast
Room B.05
Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology
97 Lisburn Rd

Telephone CCRCB: 028 9097 2921