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Things to do in Belfast

Belfast City Guide Summer 2019

Making the most of Belfast

Belfast Visitor Guide 2019
Belfast city hall through the trees

All you need to know

About Belfast

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland, a country steeped in history and rich in agriculture and industry. With a population of almost 300,000 in the greater area, Belfast has grown into a cosmopolitan destination and become a popular weekend break spot. With feelings of optimism and life pulsing through the city, Belfast makes for an energising getaway. It has never been easier to explore the larger city area, thanks to a growing number of bus, taxi and boat tours, while the heart of the city is still sufficiently compact that pedestrian options for tours are suitable for all ages. Along with many attractions including the Ulster Folk Museum, Titanic Belfast and the Belfast Cathedral, it is also an essential part of any trip to Belfast to experience some of the award-winning restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries and theatres dotted around the city centre (adapted from Trip Advisor).

For further information on things to do and see in and around Belfast please go to Visit Belfast.

To find out more about Belfast please watch the short video.


The weather in Belfast in November can be best described as ‘autumnal’. Sun and rain alternate -- watch out for rainbows! Temperatures are usually around 10 degrees Celsius but can swing from 6 to 15 degrees Celsius so it is worth checking the forecast in the week leading up to the conference.