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talk on auditory/visual recognition


10/05/2016 - 10/05/2016


11:00AM - 12:00PM


Sonic Lab, SARC



Neuroscientist Prof. Simon Thorpe (University of Toulouse) will give a talk on auditory/visual recognition today (Tuesday 10th May) at 11am in the Sonic Lab. Promises to be an engaging and surprising talk.

Prof Thorpe is a neuroscientist who studies how we recognise natural images and sounds, often showing that even a single model neuron can perform seemingly complex tasks (like ultra-fast detection of an animal in a photograph). His behavioural experiments are as surprising: we start moving our eyes towards animals in images even before there is time for the message to have been passed through the visual cortex of the brain. He has set up spin-off companies for practical applications of these neural models. He is currently testing how reliable people's long-term memory is for vision and hearing, using obscure TV programmes and advertisements that haven't been aired for decades.

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talk on auditory/visual recognition


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