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Module Lists

Computer Science

Module Lists

Students will study approximately six full modules each year.  Students can choose certain modules they wish to study in certain levels of the course.

For those students studying on the Computer Science MEng pathway will have an extra year of study in Level 4 of the course.  The first two years and much of Level 3 are common to the BSc/BEng course. 

To find out more information on a particular module offered in this pathway please select it from the links below.

Level/Stage 1 Modules

Computer Architecture
Introductory Software Engineering and Project Mgt.
Introduction to the Science of Computing
Fundamentals of Programming
Programming Challenges
Multimedia Design and Authoring
Reasoning for Problem Solving



Level/Stage 2 Modules

Data Structures and Algorithms
Networks and Communications
Professional Computing Practice
Software Engineering and Group Project
Advanced Programming using C# and C++
Database Systems



Level/Stage 3 Modules

Formal Methods
Software Engineering Project
Artificial Intelligence
Operating System Concepts
Concurrent Programming
Intelligent Information Systems
Software Design Principles and Patterns
Software Engineering Project
Agile & Component Based Development



Level/Stage 4 Modules

Individual Research Project
Advanced Software Design
Algorithms: Analysis and Applications
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
High Performance Computing: Principles Of Parallel Programming