Summer Internships

Undergraduate Summer Research Internships 2017

School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Global Research Institute

The School of EEECS and Global Research Institute will be supporting up to 10 Undergraduate Summer Research Internships over the Summer 2017 holiday period.  The aim of the Scheme is to identify and develop researchers of the future.  It is hoped that the internship will improve employability by developing experience and key skills such as problem solving, team working, and self-discipline.


The scheme is open to all EEECS Undergraduates (apart from students on the BIT degree pathway and students who are due to graduate this summer).

General Information

Each internship will last between 6-8 weeks and will pay a weekly stipend of £200. Accommodation and travel costs are not provided under this scheme.

Students will be expected to complete this application form (click on link) and return it to Elaine Cranston by no later than Friday 12 May 2017.

Further details on projects can be obtained by following the links below (projects with links)

  • A System for Inferring Tourism Statistics based on Twitter Data
  • Inkjet printed frequency selective surfaces for smart wireless communications
  • Smart Environment Monitor and Cloud Streaming Ecosystem
  • Performance Analysis of a Framework for Graph Analytics
  • Automated recognition of ring ouzel(s)
  • Generation and Analysis of 3-SAT benchmarks
  • Making sense of cancer data via deep learning
  • Development of Practical Routing Schemes in WiFi-based Mobile Ad Hoc Network
  • Wireless powering of injectable sensors for cancer therapy
  • An Application Migration Framework for Edge-based Computing Systems
  • Integration of SteamVR tracking hardware development kit with custom VR props and Baxter robot
  • Development of a Cobotic System for Playing 'Connect 4'
  • Programming with Parallel Patterns: how easy is it to get started?
  • A python short-term load forecasting model for Northern Ireland’s Electricity Demand
  • Microsoft HoloLens Object Tracking with Hologram Overlaying
  • Data analytics for a retail, manufacturing or university application
  • FPGA acceleration of image processing algorithms
  • Hardware Design of Underlying Components for Highly Efficient Quantum-Safe Cryptography
  • Detecting Hardware Trojans
  • Performance Evaluation of General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units
  • Analysing New Onset Diabetes After Transplantation using Multivariate Models
  • Programming with Parallel Patterns: how easy is it to get started?


Please Note: The internship must take place during the Summer and successful applicants will be encouraged to negotiate start and finish dates with their supervisor. It is possible to split the internship to allow for summer holidays. Please note that the internships will be offered across three sites (the Ashby Building, ECIT and the Computer Science Building).