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Module Lists

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Modules Lists

The BEng course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree is an enhanced engineering honours course and, for suitably qualified students, normally takes three years of full time study.  The MEng course is a four year extended course.

All BEng course students are normally required to complete at least 12 weeks of approved industrial training before graduating. All MEng course students must normally complete at least 24 weeks of approved industrial training before graduating.  Both the BEng and MEng are also offered incorporating a sandwich year in industry.  This professional experience year is usually taken after Stage 2 and students may gain a Licentiateship of the City and Guilds from this period of work. 

As first year is common to all courses, students may transfer between courses at the end of this year.  Transfer from the BEng course to the MEng course is possible at the end of Stage 2, subject to satisfactory performance.

To find out more information on a particular module offered in this pathway please select it from the links below.  The Level 4 modules are only offered to students of the MEng pathway. 

Level/Stage 1 Modules

Mathematics 1
Electrical Engineering 1
Computing for Engineers 1
Circuits and Communications 1
Electronic Circuits & Devices 1
EEE Design Projects 1



Level/Stage 2 Modules

Computing 2
Engineering Design Exercises 2
Mathematics 2
Electronic Circuits and Devices 2
Electric Power Eng 2
Signals and Communications Systems 2
Circuits and Control 2
Embedded Systems 2
Professional Studies 2



Level/Stage 3 Modules

Project 3
Design Projects 3
Communications System Design 3
Control Engineering 3
Digital System Design 3
Electric Power 3
Integrated Circuit Engineering 3
Software Engineering 3
Computer Architecture and Organization 3
Computer Communications 3
Computer Control Systems 3
Digital Signal Processing 3
High Frequency Electronics 3
Power Systems 3
Power Electronics 3
Solid State Devices 3
Industrial Project
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Virtual Reality Systems
Professional Studies 3
Computer Algebra



Level/Stage 4 Modules

Project 4
Industrial Project 4
MEMS Devices and Technology 4
Mobile Communications 4
Intelligent Systems and Control 4
Energy Systems 4
Real Time DSP
Real-time Visualisation and Computer Graphics 4
Computer Architecture and Organisation 4
Teletraffic Engineering & Switching Systems
Smart Grids
High Frequency Technology and Design