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ECIT maintains the lead in young engineers for space antennas

Photograph of (from left to right) Robert Cahill, Steven Christie, Neil Buchanan, Efstratios Doumanis.
From left to right, Robert Cahill, Steven Christie, Neil Buchanan, Efstratios Doumanis.
A group of four researchers from ECIT recently presented their new findings at the "33rd ESA Antenna Workshop on Challenges for Space Applications". This workshop brings together top experts in the design of antennas used for satellites and other space applications, and is held at the European Space Agency headquarters in Noordwijk, near Amsterdam.

Efstratios Doumanis, Research Associate in the High Frequency Electronics Cluster in ECIT, received the ESA young engineer award for the paper co-authored with George Goussetis, Robert Cahill, Vincent Fusco (ECIT) and Herve Legay (Thales Alenia Space, France), "C-Band Linear to Circular Polarization Conversion Surface on Honeycomb Substrate".  This work aims to greatly simplify the antennas on board satellites, allowing for more functionality to be packed into them. Other research presented, included the work by Neil Buchanan, Steven Christie, Robert Cahill and Vincent Fusco on self-steered antennas, which remove the need to accurately point bulky satellite dishes.

This is the second year running that ECIT researchers received the young engineer award at the European Space Agency Workshop on Antennas for Space Applications.

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