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Research Society

EEECS Research Society

The aim of the EEECS Research Society (EEECS RS) is to enhance the quality of the research experience by providing a voice for the research community within the School and by promoting opportunities for career advancement, personal development and social interaction.

Previous Events 

EEECS Research Society Christmas Event

To be held at Conference Room 1, Riddel Hall, 5th December 2012, 9am – 1pm


Extremely dynamic research environment in the School allows for the great mobility of research students and contract researchers. The progress in research career is primarily defined by professional expertise indeed, yet one must underestimate the significance of essential skills in career planning and up-to-the-date knowledge of the opportunities and support available in the School and University. The School Research Society set the objective of fostering supportive research community enabling the understanding of personal developmental needs and planning successful researcher career in long term perspective.

This event comprises several interactive insights and workshops aimed to present fundamental aspects of career planning, critical issues, relevant researcher tools, and School support mechanisms and to showcase best examples of successful implementation of career pathways from the captains of industry and research.

The unique feature of this event is a focus on the crucial role of creative, enabling thinking in successful and prolific career in research and academia.

Registration is required via website:

Agenda (tentative)

8:45 am - Arrival and registration
9:00 am - HoS welcome speech
9:15 am -

Workshop 1: 'Career Planning for Success' by Philip Clarke, Senior Career Adviser for QUB.

Phil is a professionally qualified and experienced Careers Adviser and has worked at Queen's since 1999. He took over the role of Careers Adviser to contract research staff at the end of 2011. Since then he has run a series of workshops covering topics such as planning your research career, writing an academic CV, preparing for academic interviews and career exploration for researchers. He also offers one-to-one guidance and coaching for contract research staff and is keen to develop services to staff in conjunction with the Staff Training and Development Unit. During Phil's time at Queen's he has worked with a wide range of students, staff and Schools, predominantly within the Faculties of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Medicine, Health and Life Sciences.

This session aims to help you be strategic in planning your career and understanding the key criteria for success, whether it's in academic research or in something else. Many early stage researchers aspire to a career in academia but what is the reality and what do you need to do to be successful? This session will encourage you to see the Bigger Picture in developing your career and will address key factors and drivers, how to maximise your opportunities and the benefits of planning short, medium and long-term objectives to ensure you get to where you want to be.

10:00 am -

Workshop 2: 'Research Performance Enhancement' by Dr John Copelton, former Senior Career Adviser for QUB

Dr Copelton holds degrees in Physics and a doctorate in Social Psychology. This diverse academic background has uniquely equipped him to work in the multi-disciplinary field of research performance. As a former Senior Careers Adviser at Queen's University, Belfast he developed a range of highly rated courses for both PhD students and postdoctoral research staff in Engineering, Medicine and Science. John's presentation at the Research Society Event on 5th December will look at:

    The Research Process: What makes a difference

    Individual vs group contributions

    Effective research teams

    The pro's and con's of cross-disciplinary research

    The impact of multi-tasking on research outcomes

10:45 am - Coffee/Art Exhibition "Enigmatic ArchiteXture of Engineering Research"
11:00 am -

Insight 1: 'Career enhancement through international experience', Dr. Owen Kavanagh, School of Biology, QUB.

Dr. Owen Kavanagh earned his BSc Pharmacology from University College Dublin and PhD from Queens University Belfast. He has worked in biological research in internationally recognised laboratories such as Centre Nationale D'Etudes Veterinaire Ailimentaire (CNEVA, France) the Centres for Disease Controal (Atlanta, USA), Christian Medical College (Vellore, India) and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. In his presentation he will talk about being an internationally mobile research scientiest in the context of his career.

11:20 am - Insight 2: 'Career boost through industrial experiences', Paul Donachy, Head of Business Development and Commercialisation, QUB Entreprise Development
11:40 am -

Insight 3: 'Career reinforcement with entrepreneurship', Noel Mckenna, Senior Director of Sotware Business Development CSR PLC.

Noel McKenna is degree qualified as an Electronic Engineer from the University of Hertfordshire in England. He joined APT in 1994 as Development Engineer working on the development of audio compression algorithms. He held a number of positions within the company including Development Manager, Technical Director and then became CEO in 2000. In 2005 McKenna led a Management Buyout of the company and set about growing the company turnover and staff numbers by >400% in 3 years.  In 2009 the company split into 2 divisions, hardware and software and the hardware division was sold to a French broadcast manufacturer in March 2009. Noel runs the software business which licenses its core technology into the consumer audio space for wireless audio products such as MP3 players and mobile phones. Today the company boasts customers such as Microsoft, apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Creative Labs, and Sennheiser. In July 2010 the company was acquired by CSR PLC a FTSE 250 company based in Cambridge.

12:00 pm - Focus groups by Mr. Paul Monahan.
12:20 pm - Art Contest "Enigmatic ArchiteXture of Engineering Research", guided tour 'How to read Art' by TBC, music performance by Andy Zhou, winner of the 17th Annual Primary Musician of the Year Competition.
12:40 pm - Prize giving and wrap-up/buffet


Enigmatic ArchiteXture of Engineering Research

1st Research Society Art Competition, 5th December 2012

Does Science need Art?

  • Visualization methods provide an important tool in science and engineering for the analysis and presentation of complex work.
  • Images can often convey information in a way that tables of data or equations cannot match.
  • Occasionally, scientific images transcend their role as a medium for transmitting information, and contain the aesthetic qualities that transform them into objects of beauty and art.

The Brief

  • Can you condense the joy and privilege of working at the forefront of Science and Engineering through the medium of photography?
  • Perhaps you can capture an inspirational moment, person or piece of work on a canvas?
  • Can you distil the essence of your work into a Haiku?
  • Or simply have some fun get the kids to do it.

Art works?

  • Drawing or painting
  • Photography (please submit for printing)
  • Multimedia/animation (60 sec time limit)
  • Sculpture
  • Poetry
Judging will be carried out on the day through an entirely democractic process. 1st place will be rewarded with a prize. All submitted art work will be posted on web site works of merits may be displayed in public spaces.



25/10/2012: EEECS Research Society Formed a New Committee

EEECS-RS aims at promoting personal and professional development and career advancement opportunities, as well as enhancing communication, sharing knowledge and experience, teamwork and social interaction between researchers. The society will be closely collaborating with the school management, the Post Graduate Centre and the Staff Training and Development Unit (STDU).

On a recent meeting held in September of 2012, Dr. Alexey Shitvov was elected to be the chair of the committee. Other members include Drs. Michael Bain, Hans Vandierendonck and Huiyu (Joe) Zhou.

EEECS-RS warmly welcomes and appreciates any idea and suggestion from the research staff. It also anticipates more staff and PhD students to join in to become one of the committee members.

Please contact Dr. Alexey Shitvov (

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