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Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

School Manager

Lee, Mr. Allister

ECIT Operations Director

Gaston, Dr Godfrey

ECIT Operations Manager

Dougherty, Ms. Paula

CSIT Business Development Executive

Mills, Mr Philip


CSIT Commercial Director

Wray, Mr Stephen


CSIT Technical Marketing Manager

Crozier, Mr David


ECIT HR & Marketing

Moreland, Ms Lesley


Senior Careers and Placement Advisor

Doris, Ms. Ann


Careers and Placement Advisor

Girvan, Miss Venita


Secretarial/Clerical Staff

Anderson, Angela
Bresland, Mr. Lee
Cranston, Ms. Elaine
Delaney, Ms Claire
Finnegan, Miss Emma
Fleming, Mr Brian
Hagan, Mrs. Edel
Jones, Mr Barry
Katic, Ms. Sonia
Martin, Lesley
McCallion, Miss Caragh
McConville, Ms Paula
McCrink, Ms Fionnuala
McCusker, Michelle
O'Neill, Mrs Caroline
Purdy, Ms Gillian
Rutherford, Ms Lisa
Tipping, Mrs. Colette


Placement Student

Flanagan, Mr Shay


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