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Software & Engineering Support

Software & Engineering Support Staff

IT Managers

McKeever, Mr. Sean
Ruddock, Mr Richard


Project Leaders

McHale, Mr. Tony


Analyst/Programmers & Computer Engineers

Baine, Ms. Julie
Connolly, Ms Lisa
Lowry, Mr Neil
McCann, Mr Kenneth
McCullagh, Mr Jonny
Sharma, Mr Ramakant


Technical Supervisors

Norney, Mr. Jim



Colligan, Mr Colin
Nash, Mr Karl
Rainey, Mr Kieran
Ritchie, Mr. Harry
Vaughan, Mr Robert


Electronics Technicians

Boyle, Mr. Patrick
Rafferty, Mr. Gerry


Computer Technicians

Ashe, Mr. John
Duffy, Ms. Debbie
Dunbar, Mr. Philip
Junk, Mr Calvin
Stewart, Mr. Keith


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