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GAP Weather Station

The School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology Weather Station

The GAP Weather Station was installed on the Geography Building in December 2009.  The station, a Davis Vantage Pro, is automatic and transmits measurements wirelessly to an internet connected computer. 

Data is streamed live to the School Weather Station Flash viewer, WeatherUnderground and Twitter. Archive weather observations are also freely availible to download.  The station logs barometric pressure, temperature, rainfall, wind speed/direction, humidity, solar radiation and calculates other  weather variables. 

The GAP WeatherCam also supplies a live feed and images updated at a 1 minute interval.  Finally a Lightning Detector (Sferics), based on radio triangulation plots the location of recorded lightning strikes.

The station and website are maintained by members of the Geographical Information Systems Unit.

To access the GAPWeather live feed streamed to external archive and data sites, click on any of the site logos below.

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GAP Archive Weather Data


The GAP Weather Station automatically generates archive measurement logfiles updated at 1 minute intervals.  Logfiles are available to download  below in both text (.txt) and comma separated formats (.CSV). CSV files can be easily opened by most spreadsheet software packages allowing user statistical analysis and graphing. 

Scroll down access the archive link.


Daily averages showing evidence of the record cold spell affecting NI in December


The logfiles follow a set naming convention,  for example for the month of May 2010 the log file will be saved as 52010lg.txt and 52010lgcsv.csv.  Solar radiation observations are recorded to xxxxvantagelogcsv.csv (available from 4/11/10)

Monthly logfiles at a one minute resolution can be downloaded here.




  Satellite - Infrared 


Satellite - Visible


Rainfall Radar



Surface Pressure




Open Non-Flash Gauges (HTML5)

Disclaimer:  Thankyou for your interest in the GAP Weather Station.  Every effort is made to insure the GAP Weather Station observations and live streams are accurate, up to date and active.  GAPQUB is not responsible for any decisions made using the observations and data available on this site, or any effects of the live feed not being availible.  This is a free service setup for research and teaching and is not affiliated to any National Meteorological Organisations.