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Research Outputs

The following papers reflect the range and quality of research outputs from the School :

Environmental Change Research Cluster

  • Bennett, K.D., 2004. Continuing the debate on the role of Quaternary environmental change for macroevolution. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 359: 295-303.
  • Betts, N. L., Orford, J. D., White, D. & Graham, C. J., 2004. Storminess and surges in the South-Western Approaches of the eastern North Atlantic: the synoptic climatology of recent extreme coastal storms. Marine Geology, 210: 227-246.
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  • Hall, V.A., 2005. The vegetation history of monastic and secular sites in the midlands of Ireland over the last two millennia. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 15: 1-12.
  • Hunt, C. O., Gilbertson, D. D. & Rushworth, G., 2007. Modern humans in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, during Oxygen Isotope Stage 3: palaeoenvironmental evidence from the Great Cave of Niah. Journal of Archaeological Science, 34:1953-1969.
  • Lloyd, C. D., 2006. Local Models for Spatial Analysis. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. 244pp.
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  • Plunkett, G., 2006 Tephra-linked peat humification records from Irish ombrotrophic bogs question nature of solar forcing at 850 cal. BC. Journal of Quaternary Science: 21, 9-16.
  • Orford, J.D. & Pethick ,J., 2006. Challenging assumptions of future coastal habitat development around the UK. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 31: 1625-1642.
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  • Ruffell, A. & McKinley, J. 2008. Geoforensics. Wiley Interscience, London & New York. 352pp.
  • Tomlinson, R.W., 2005. Soil carbon stocks and changes in the Republic of Ireland. Journal of Environmental Management, 76: 77-93.
  • Smith, B.J., et al., 2005. Salt weathering simulations under hot desert conditions: agents of enlightenment or pertpetuators of preconceptions? Geomorphology, 67: 211-227.
  • Warke,P., 2007. Complex weathering in drylands: implications of 'stress' history for rock debris breakdown and sediment release. Geomorphology, 85: 30-48.
  • Whalley, W.B. and Azizi F. 2003 Rock glaciers and protalus landforms: analogous forms and ice sources on Earth and Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research, 108: E4, 8032 (DOI: 10.1029/2002JE001864)
  • Whitehouse, N.J., 2006. The Holocene British and Irish ancient woodland fossil beetle fauna: implications for woodland history, biodiversity and faunal colonisation. Quaternary Science Reviews 25: 1755-1789

Past Cultural Change Research Cluster

  • Brandherm, D., 2008. Greek and Phoenician Potsherds between East and West. A Chronological Dilemma? In: D. Brandherm & M. Trachsel (eds.), A New Dawn for the Dark Age? Shifting Paradigms in Mediterranean Iron Age Chronology – L’âge obscur se fait-il jour de nouveau? Les paradigmes changeantes de la chronologie de l’âge du Fer en Méditerranée. Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques – Actes du XV Congrès Mondiale (Lisbonne, 4–9 septembre 2006), vol. 9. BAR International Series 1871. Oxford 2008, 149–174.
  • Hartwell, B., 2002. A Neolithic ceremonial timber complex at Ballynahatty, Co. Down. Antiquity, 76: 526-32.
  • Gardiner, M.F. 2007. Hythes, small ports and other landing places in later medieval England, in J. Blair (ed.), Water Transport and Management in Medieval England ,85-109. Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Gardiner, M.F., 2005 Rethinking the early medieval settlement of woodlands: evidence from the western Sussex Weald. Landscape History, 27: 31-49.
  • Malone, C., 2001. Neolithic Britain and Ireland. Tempus Books, 288pp.
  • Mallory, J. & Adams, D.Q., 2006. The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World. Oxford University Press, 731 pp.
  • McCormick, F. & Murray, E.V., 2007. Knowth and the zooarchaeology of Early Christian Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. 284pp.
  • McNeill, T.E., 2006. Faith, Pride and Works: medieval Church Building. Tempus Books, 253pp.
  • Murphy, E. M., et al.,, 2002: ‘A Review of the evidence for Old World Scalping: New Cases from the cemetery of Aymyrlyg, South Siberia’, American Journal of Archaeology, 106: 1-10.

Society, Space and Culture Research Cluster

  • Campbell, B.M.S. & Bartley, K., 2006. England on the eve of the Black Death: an atlas of lay lordship, land and wealth, 1300-49. Manchester, Manchester University Press., xxx+382pp
  • Ell, P. & Gregory I., 2007. Historical GIS: Technologies, Methodologies, and Scholarship. Cambridge University Press. 232pp.
  • Finnegan, D.A., 2005. ‘Natural history societies in late-Victorian Scotland and the pursuit of local civic science’, British Journal for the History of Science, 38: 53-72.
  • Griffin, C.J., 2008. Protest practice and (tree) cultures of conflict: understanding the spaces of 'tree maiming' in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century England, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 40 (1) 91-108.
  • Johnson, N.C., 2003. Ireland, the Great War and the Geography of Remembrance, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Kumar, M.S., et al., 2006. Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies of India Sage, New Delhi.
  • Lilley, K. D., 2002. Urban Life in the Middle Ages, 1000-1450. Palgrave: London/New York.295pp.
  • Livingstone, D.L., 2003. Putting Science in its Place: Geographies of Scientific Knowledge. University of Chicago Press. 234pp.
  • Majury, N., 2007 Technology and the architecture of markets: reconfiguring the Canadian equity market, Environment and Planning A, 39: 2187-2206.
  • Proudfoot, L.J., 2005. Place and Presbyterian Discourse in Colonial Australia. In Proudfoot L. and Roche M. (eds.), (Dis)Placing Empire. Renegotiating British Colonial Geographies , Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, pp. 61-79.
  • Royle, S.A., 2007. The Company’s Island: St Helena, company colonies and the colonial endeavour, I.B. Tauris: London. 240pp.
  • Shuttleworth, I., & Lloyd, C.D., 2005. Analysing Commuting using local regression techniques: scale, sensitivity and geographical patterning. Environment and Planning A, 37: 81-103.