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GAP Gender Statement

Maria Bennett, Keith Bennett, Head of School, Jennifer McKinley and Joanne McMurdy with the Athena Swan Silver Award, on behalf of the School

GAP strives towards equal representation of male and female staff at all levels and activities. The School has a high proportion of female undergraduates and postgraduates, but a lower proportion of female staff, especially at more senior levels. It is important that all staff recognise the importance of maximising the participation and visibility of female staff as part of moves towards more equal representation generally, and as role models for more junior staff and students.


1. All committees, meetings and other events and activities should include at least one member of each gender, and the gender ratio should be as equal as reasonably practical;

2. Particular care should be taken to ensure that both male and female staff are included on examining boards (e.g. PhD);

3. GAP events should normally take place only between 09.30- 16.30, Monday - Friday;

4. Externally-invited speakers should include a high proportion of women (nearer to the postgraduate proportion of 60% women than the staff proportion of 30%)

QUB GAP Athena SWAN Silver application.pdf
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QUB GAP 2013 submission.pdf