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Welcome to the School of Geography, Archaeology & Palaeoecology

The diverse and high-quality education offered by the School reflects: 

our commitment to providing you with world-class learning

The range of staff expertise means you will gain knowledge and skills that are intellectually stimulating and attractive to many kinds of employers. 

Geography embraces the study of human societies and the physical environment.  It is one of the few subjects in which human and physical environments are studied side-by-side. Our flexible degree programme enables students to gain an understanding of the major global, regional and local processes that have shaped our world and the challenges we face in the future.

Archaeology explores a wide range of evidence from the human past, including artefacts, monuments and settlements to entire landscapes, and from these interprets how societies have developed. The subject combines the humanities, social and environmental sciences to develop many transferable skills.

Palaeoecology studies environmental evidence to assess the impact of natural events like climate change on human activities on landscapes. We use evidence from (for example) fossil plants, animals and soils as well as human remains to contribute to our knowledge of environmental changes, their chronology and archaeology.

Each degree programme has a range of core modules as well as choices for you: your Advisor of Studies will guide you through what is required and recommended (on a one-to-one basis) throughout your academic career. 


Dr Keith Lilley
The Director of Education is responsible for all aspects of course development, quality assurance and enhancement

Postgraduate Taught Co-ordinator
Dr Patricia Warke

Disability Officer
Dr Nuala Johnson

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