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Archaeology and Palaeoecology (UG)

We are the only unit that combines Archaeology with Palaeoecology in the U.K. and Ireland. We have centres of excellence in the Archaeology of Ireland, Dating and Environmental Archaeology. We continue a long tradition of high quality undergraduate and postgraduate teaching with an emphasis on practical and fieldwork techniques. Much of this happens through the Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork (CAF), established 2002, which undertakes excavation work for Environment Department (NI) and has provided experience and employment for students and graduates. In October 2003, the unit was awarded £6.2 million for the CHRONO Project (Centre for Chronology, Environment and Climate), resulting in the construction of a new building housing both Archaeology and Palaeoecology, funding for new research on environmental and climate change and the establishment of an AMS radiocarbon laboratory (only the third such facility in the UK and the first in Ireland).

We offer:

Cache of Neolithic figures from Gozo, Malta  
Fieldtrip to Castleroche Castle, Co.Louth  
Accelerator Mass Spectrometer used for Carbon Dating  
Lake sediment coring in southern Chile