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Level 2 Sites and Artefacts fieldtrip to Lecale - March 2012

Lecale 1 Lecale 9

Lecale 3


Level 3 Society, Death and Disease fieldtrips to graveyards in Belfast - March 2012

Balmoral 1 Balmoral 8 Friars Bush 6

Balmoral 4


Level 3 fieldtrip to Portugal - January 2012

Alcalar. Barrie and Rui Alcoutim. Listening to Alexandra Castro da Cola 2 Mertola Castle lunch break 1 Tavira Roman Bridge


Level 1 Archaeology and Heritage of Rome fieldtrip - April 2011

Rome Group Dinner Time Tarqinia Joel and Ben

Trajan's Column


Level 1 Archaeology and Heritage of Rome fieldtrip - May 2010

The Dying Gaul - The Capitoline Museum Interior of the Colosseum Ostia Antica St. Clemente Church

Arch of Constantine


Level 2 Historic Ireland fieldtrip to Meath – April 2010

Students at Lough Crew passage tomb Finbar McCormick at the Banqueting Hall, Tara, Co.Meath

Mark Gardiner in passage tomb at Lough Crew, Co.Meath


Level 3 Ritual, Space and Monuments fieldtrip to Malta – February/March 2010

Tarxian Temple Students exploring Hagar Qim Temple Malta under its new protective covers

Student Experience of Malta 2010


Level 2 Archaeological Techniques Fieldtrip – March 2010


Level 3 Advanced Survey Course – September 2009