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Student Handbook and Resources

Undergraduate Handbook 2013-2014
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Resume of Thesis
Dissertation Supervisor Report

Students are advised to visit the QUB Exceptional Circumstances website to obtain further guidance on how the University deals with exceptional circumstances. In particular, please note the new deadlines and procedures associated with submitting appropriate documentation which have recently been changed.

Safety Documents

Fieldwork Safety Awareness (Archaeology/Palaeoecology)
Safety Scheme for Fieldwork,outdoor and other off-campus activities as part of an academic course (Group)
Assessment of Risk in fieldwork and dissertations (student Fieldwork; individuals)
Confidential Medical Questionnaire (For Use of Students and Staff)

Advisor of Studies

Finbar McCormick

All students on entry to QUB are assigned to an Advisor of Studies. Enrolment and changes of enrolment can only be done through the Advisor (and any changes must be completed within 2 weeks of enrolment). For most returning students, enrolment will in future be ‘on-line’; details of this procedure are currently being developed.

The Advisor must be informed of all matters that might affect the progress of a student; routine Medical Certificates are forwarded to the Advisor, but it is important that students are encouraged to inform the Advisor of any long-term medical or other ‘extenuating circumstances’ that could affect progress. If the Advisor does not know about problems s/he cannot help the student or direct the student to professional help.