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Assessment and Study Guides

 Guidance on preparing written work

Across the modules you will take within Geography, you will encounter several different forms of continuous assessment. These include essays, reports, worksheets, reviews, posters and abstracts. It is important to read the module handouts carefully, follow the guidance offered and make a note of what is expected. Unless otherwise instructed, assessed work should be word processed, evidence background reading and cite / reference sources.

The following study guides (pdfs)  have been developed to help with preparing written work for Geography modules:

Conducting a bibliographic search
Guidelines on writing a coursework essay
How to cite and reference
The academic offences of plagiarism and collusion 
Constructing an annotated bibliography

It is important that you familiarise yourself with these guides before preparing written work.

Submission of coursework

In most cases this will be a paper submission but some modules require electronic submission. All submissions (paper or electronic) must have a standard cover sheet at the front. The cover sheet must include the following details:

Your student number
The module code
The module title
Title of the piece of coursework
Name of staff member for whom the work is intended
Date of submission.

Practical related coursework

For all practical classes, there is only one opportunity each academic year to submit and pass practical-related assignments. It is important to take note of this, as missing a deadline or failing a practical could have implications for progression at the end of the current academic year. For some practical classes, assignments are submitted each week at the end of the class.

Non-practical related coursework

You should submit 2 copies of your coursework, each stapled separately with a cover sheet (see above) and kept together with a large paper clip. One copy will be annotated by the marker and returned to you within two weeks as feedback. The other copy will be retained by the School for the External Examiner to review.

You must also obtain a Geography Coursework Feedback Form from the Geography Office, fill in your student number, module code and date of submission, and attach this form to the top copy of your coursework. The top copy of the form will later be returned to you with summary feedback on the assignment.

If a CD is required to be submitted, you should ensure that all of the above ‘cover’ information is provided on the disk; the disk itself must also be given a meaningful digital name (e.g. the first part of your QUB e-mail address) and this should also be written on the outside of the disc in indelible felt tip. Disks should be placed in an envelope and stapled together with the cover sheet and any other parts of the submission.

You are required to retain your own digital copy of all of your assignments. These should be retained for the length of your degree programme.

Assignments should be submitted at the Submission Desk in the Elmwood Building.  With the exception of University holidays, you can normally submit coursework during the teaching semester between the following times: Monday – Friday 8.30pm to 3.30pm

Deadlines for the submission of coursework are given in module handbooks and assignment handouts. Note that work should not be slipped under the door of the Geography Office or of a member of academic staff.

Late submission & late penalties

When work is submitted late (i.e. without documented extenuating circumstances), you should complete a white ‘Late Submission Form’ which can be obtained from the Geography Office. Staple the form to the standard cover sheet and work to be submitted. Late work should not be deposited in the ‘letter boxes’. Instead give it to a member of the office staff, who will ask you to sign the ‘late work’ register.

Assignments submitted after the deadline will be penalised at the rate of 5% of the total marks available for each working day late up to a maximum of five working days, after which a mark of zero shall be awarded.

However, if there are extenuating circumstances for late submission, you should complete and staple to your cover sheet a purple ‘Application for Exemption from Late Assessed Work Marks Penalty’ form. In such cases you must also arrange for a supporting letter to be sent to the School from a medical practitioner, counselling service or minister of religion to document and corroborate the extenuating circumstances. Only documented extenuating circumstances can be taken into account when considering exemptions from late penalties.

Feedback and returned work

Feedback on continuous assessment submitted on time during the teaching semester will normally be provided within 3 weeks of the deadline for submission. This will either be returned in class or your lecturer will send you an email to let you know that feedback sheets and annotated copies of your work are available to pick from the Submission Desk in the Elmwood Building.  Its hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 3.30pm.  All marks are provisional until the External Examiner has had an opportunity to review your work and the marks have been presented to the Final Examinations Board (normally in June).