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GAP2030 - Sustaining the Biosphere


The module will encourage you to examine the development of the concepts of biodiversity and sustainability; you will be able to look at examples of ecosystems and issues to illustrate the concepts and be able to see how conservation can be practiced to maintain biodiversity.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the module students should be able to: demonstrate an awareness of the development and meaning of biodiversity and sustainability; recognize the processes which have led to biodiversity and which affect sustainability and diversity: and relate these processes to particular sites and regions.


Dr Helen Roe (Convenor)
Prof Keith Bennett
Dr Maarten Blaauw


The application of methods of habitat evaluation in a field context; interacting with professionals involved in wetland conservation; searching out and critically reviewing approaches of government and others to biodiversity and sustainability; engaging in group discussion; planning/presentation concerning biodiversity and/or sustainability; presenting and evaluating results from research; presenting a reasoned argument; time scheduling and project planning; working as a team; report production; critical analysis and review of literature; report writing; working to schedules.



Supplementary notes

It will be assumed that students taking this module are familiar with and understand the material addressed in GGY1001 and GAP1007. Students who have not taken these modules are advised to undertake the necessary additional preparation prior to taking this module.


 Exam (120 minutes)
 Paper Review
 Class Test
 Poster Project