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Climate and Earth's Surface

Soil erosion in Co. Tyrone, October 2008.

RillGrow-simulated erosion on a
4m-long plot

















The focus here is on developing current knowledge of earth surface processes, including interactions with climate (particularly future climates), to better inform environmental decision-making and management.

Current projects

1. Geomorphological and hydrological impacts of future climate and land use change.

This model-based research focuses mainly on Northern Ireland. Scenarios of future climate and land use are being developed for input to the WEPP model of soil erosion by water.

Oral presentation at European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2010:

  • Modelling the impacts of climate change on future rates of soil erosion: a case study from the north of Ireland Donal Mullan and Dave Favis-Mortlock

Download pdf  Presentation

2. Flow in Irish rivers

This statistically-based investigation of daily flows in Irish rivers explores possible connections with self-organized criticality (see below), and the opportunities for more 'holistic' catchment management.

Poster presentations at European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2010 :

  • Fitting power-law distributions to geomorphological frequency-magnitude data: a good fingerprint for self-organised criticality? Chris Eadie and Dave Favis-Mortlock
  • Estimation of drought and flood recurrence interval from historical discharge data: a case study utilising the power law distribution Chris Eadie and Dave Favis-Mortlock