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The Geo-materials Research Group at Queen's University of Belfast  is an interdisciplinary group of researchers within the School of Geography. Archaeology and Palaeoecology who aim to improve scientific knowledge of Geomaterials in several areas through three different working groups:

Recent criminal cases such as the “Torso in the Thames”; “Lady in the Lake” and murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman all relied heavily on evidence provided by a variety geoscientists.

The Geoforensic Research Group research is currently focussing on the geophysics of graves, the detection and excavation of illegal toxic waste dumps and the spatial analysis of criminal activity using GIS.

The Geostatistics Research Group comprises a group of researchers who are active in developing new theoretical methodologies and applied research in spatial analytical methods. The group aims to foster collaboration in geostatistics and to enhance the profile of geostatistics research. Ongoing research embraces a wide range of topics, such as remote sensing, geomorphology, weathering, ecology, geology, forensic investigations with application to petroleum, water and environmental industries.

The Weathering Research Group is a complementary team of researchers who have built upon quality research to establish themselves as the largest UK centre for pure and applied research into stone properties, natural rock weathering and urban stone decay.

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