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Postgraduate Research

Post Graduate Research Co-ordinator: Dr Helen Roe
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 9097 5148


Past Cultural Change

PostgraduateResearch Project
 Allmond, Gillian  Domesticating Madness: The Colony Asylum in Britain, Ireland and Germany (1880-1914)
 Bell, David  Use-wear on Atlantic Middle Bronze Age Swords: Status Indicators or Weapons of War?
 Berryman, Duncan  A documentary and archaeological investigation of the buildings of manorial curiae
 Brogan, Catriona  A Spatial Analysis of the Prehistoric Burials of Northern Ireland
 Drain, Deirdre  A Comparative Osteoarchaeological Analysis of Health Status in the Urban vs. Rural Populations of Late Medieval Ireland
 Hennessy, Eiden  Archaeology From Below: Ireland 1700-1926
 Hill, Geoffrey  Can we determine open-ness in the palaeoecological record? Interpreting Holocene landscapes using modern analogues
 Kerr, Sarah  The lodging ranges of medieval England: A study of the architecture and inhabitants & Ireland
 Logue, Paul  The archaeology of the Nine Years' War
 Loyer, Jeanna  Bioarchaeology, Archaeothanatology and Social Dimensions of Bronze Age and Iron Age Eurasian Steppe Populations
 McSparron, Cormac  A study of Early Bronze Age Social Structure in Ireland from an examination of the Early Bronze Age Single Burial Tradition
 Montgomery, Heather  Trench Warfare in the First World War, 1914-18: The Practice and the Reality
 O'Reilly, Roisin  Musculoskeletal stress markers associated with the activities of past Irish populations
 Richardson, Andrea  The transformation of the Ulster Landscape c.1750-1850
 Tracey, Rachel  From Garrison to Atlantic Port: material culture, conflict and identity in early modern Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim
 Vaughan, Maureen  The Faunal Bioanalysis of Drumclay Crannog


Environmental Change

PostgraduateResearch Project
 Adamson, Catherine  Biological Soiling of Stone in Northern Ireland: Potential Impacts of Predicted Climate Change
 Barrett, Gerard  Rehydroxylation Dating of Ceramics: Verification and Archaeological Application
 Bell, Andrew  Spatial Analysis Approaches to the Integration of Remotely Acquired and Ground Survey Data in Assessing Slope Stability
 Bratton, Andrew  Digital Documentation of Natural Heritage for Integrated Hazard Assessment and Sustainable Management: The Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast WHS
 Burke, Leona  The past as a key to the future hyperdivers ecosystems: Modelling biodiversity variation and resilience through records of Late Pleistocene and Holocene environmental change and human activity in Thailand
 Crossen, Kathleen  A study of the Holocene spread, genetic diversity and evolution of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Britain and Ireland
 Dempster, Lauren  The Geography of Ireland’s disappeared
 Ferreira, Carla  Vegetation and cultural land-use history of the Cabreira Mountain, NW Portugal
 Fiacconi, Marta  
 Firoozi Nejad , Behnam  Population mapping using census data and remote sensing
 Flood, Rory  Recent sedimentation processes, patterns and chronology of the west Bengal Sundarbans
 Floyd, Chloe Trace Element Abundance and Renal Disease in Northern Ireland
 Gerrow, Connie  Long term sandstone weathering behaviour following surface conservation techniques
 Hill, Evan  Radiocarbon dating of Land and Marine mollusca in the Southern Mediterranean
 Johnson, Kate  Late-Glacial and Holocene environmental variability of southern South America
 Lyttle, Susan  Developing an automated counting system
 Meneely, John  Scale issues in the degradation of Geomaterials
 Parker, Rachael  Geophysical assessment strategies for shallow water engineering
 Patterson, Rachel  Biotic responses to the evolution and drainage of glacial Lake McConnell, NW Canada
 Prentice, Stephen  Tracking eutrophication in UK lakes: the potential of testate amoebae
 Robinson, Martin  Investigation of TELLUS data to produce peat depth models for NI and its application to carbon stocks
 Simpson, David  Palynology of the Haua Fteah, Cyrenaica, Libya
 Trainor, Paul  Microfossil based records of Holocene climate change in the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter (Ice) Road, Northwest Territories, Canada
 Van der Sluis, Laura  Stories of subsistence: People and coast over the last 6000 years in the Limfjord, Denmark
 Watson, Judith  Spatial analysis approaches to modelling water quality in Northern Ireland


Society, Space and Culture

PostgraduateResearch Project
 Barry, Lorraine  Patterns of mobility in relation to education, employment and segregation in Northern Ireland
 Kennedy, Sarah  Coping with Insularity: social and economic development in a small island setting
 Lavery, Colm  Geography and Eugenics in Britain and the United States, 1900 - 1950
 McGeehan, Harry An Economic Analysis of the Performance of Railways in Ireland 1834 to 1912, with specific consideration of Demand and its Determinants
 O'Boyle, Claire  
 O'Sullivan, Tanya  Scientific Culture in Late Victorian Dublin: Some Spatial Perspectives
 Phalkey, Neelambari  Surviving the Sundarbans: Social and Ecological Resilience among Marginalized Communities in a Mangrove Ecosystem
 Porter, Catherine  GIS applications in cartographic history and historical geography
 Quail, Brendan  Formation and use of social capital among asylum seekers and refugees in Northern Ireland
 Song, Wonseob  
 Taylor, Duncan  Circulating Tropical Nature: an historical geography of the botanical gardens of the British West Indies
 Vance, Anise  Re-performing Identity: Storytelling, Territoriality, and a not-so-new Belfast