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Behnam F. Nehjad

<p>Behnam F. Nehjad</p>

Behnam F. Nehjad


Certificate of Technical & Vocational Skills
BSc in Agricultural Engineering & Plant Breeding
MSc in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing




School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK

Current Research:

Society, Space and Culture (SSC)

Population Mapping Using Census Data and Remote Sensing

Population mapping in most countries, including the UK, conventionally consists of using counts over census zones. Within these zones, there may be considerable variations in population density. The assumption of homogeneity over zones is problematic for this reason and thus any analyses based on such data are limited by this assumption.

There are now available multiple sources of remotely sensed imagery which could be used in conjunction with census data to distribute the population within census zones and thus provide new data products which better reflect the spatial distribution of the population. Research into the use of remotely sensed imagery to inform population mapping has been conducted in a variety of geographical areas employing a range of methodologies. My project will seek to assess traditional and state-of-the art methods for redistributing population counts using remotely sensed data. In particular, modified areal weighting methods and geo-statistical interpolation methods will be applied and developed. Case studies will make use of data from Northern Ireland and also from Britain.

Research Interests

Spatial data analysis and image processing


Dr Ian Shuttleworth (Queen's University, Belfast), Dr Paul Ell (Queen's University, Belfast) and Dr. Christopher Lloyd (University of Liverpool).

Additional Information:

Experience I have worked for 5 years in various aspects of the GIS analysis including lecturing at University of Greenwich and Hadlow College.