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David Simpson

<p>David Simpson</p>

David Simpson




Archaeology and Palaeoecology
School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK

Current Research: Environmental Change

Palynology of the Haua Fteah, Cyrenaica, Libya

My current research forms an integral part of the Cyrenaican Prehistory Project, which has been established to re-investigate the depositional sequence at the Haua Fteah Cave in Cyrenaica Libya.

The research will be based primarily on the palynological analysis of the cave deposits. Analysis on this sequence, which potentially spans both the Middle-Upper Pleistocene transition (c.130000 years ago) and the Pleistocene – Holocene transition (c.12000 years ago) will provide critical data regarding the palaeo-environment of the region and facilitate the opportunity to create a high resolution environmental history for the area.

In conjunction with the local archaeology the study, should also highlight key issues regarding past human/environment dynamics in the region. This in turn will aid the understanding of past human behavior in what is considered a key location within the context of North African prehistory.


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