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Georgina Milne

<p>Georgina Milne</p>

Georgina Milne


BA. Natural Sciences, Cambridge (2008)
Msc Management, Queen’s (2009)




5th Floor Office, MBC
EEBE Cluster
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast BT9 7BL
Northern Ireland.


+44 (0)7752067805

Current Research: Past Cultural Change (PCC)

Environmental niche evolution and ancestral niche reconstruction.

This project is a joint project between the MBC and GAP. My research involves investigating and constructing the climatic niche of coleopterans in both the late glacial period and under current conditions. The findings should shed light on niche evolution and species adaptation to climate change; we can quantify how organisms respond to differing environmental pressures by moving, adapting or dying. The aims of this project also include evaluating the fossil record, evaluating paleoclimate data, the evolutionary history of beetles and should indicate on the suitability of using coleopterans as biological proxies.

Additional Information:

I volunteer with The Conservation Volunteers NI and I am also a keen swimmer and hiker. I am also currently ranked third in Ireland for ladies competitive bog snorkelling.