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Postgraduate Resources

Forms associated with Postgraduate Research

Appointment of Supervisors
Request for Change of StatusĀ of Registration
Differentiation Report Form
Request for an Extension of Time to Submit Thesis
Notice of Intention to Submit Thesis
Application Form for Temporary Withdrawal from Research
3 month Review Form
Examiners Nomination Form
Thesis Progress Form

Other useful information

List of Funding Sources (fieldwork, conferences) for PhD students

General information for PhD students provided by the University can be found in the University Postgraduate Handbook; this contains more generic information for students, including submission of theses, appointment of examiners and the examination process. For ease of reference, we provide a current version of this Handbook (Sept 2010), but please be aware information contained here will change from time to time and you should check out the Postgraduate Office's web site (Institutional Code of Practice) for the post up-to-date version of this document. Please note this is a different document to the GAP Postgraduate Handbook which provides detailed information on GAP procedures. This can be found by clicking on the link: Postgraduate Handbook on the links to the left.

Download the QUB Postgraduate Handbook

Detailed information on the submission of theses (including binding and forms to be attached) can be found on the Student Guidance Centre web site, please click HERE

 Please click HERE below to download the relevant forms for submisison of the thesis.