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2012-13 Reading Group


Members of the SSC meet to read and discuss pre-circulated papers. The meetings are open to interested individuals, postgraduate and staff, from other areas of academic study.

Friday, 12 October

J. L. Yannielli (2011) 'A Yahgan for the killing: murder, memory and Charles Darwin ', British Journal for the History of Science,
Discussant: Dr Diarmid Finnegan

Tuesday, 30 October

A. R. Cashmore, 'The Lucretian swerve: the biological basis of human behaviour and the criminal justice system', PNAS 107: 4499-4504.
Discussant: Professor David Livingstone

Tuesday, 20 November

J. Phillips (2012)'Storytelling in Earth sciences: The eight basic plots', Earth-Science Reviews 115: 153-162.
Discussant: Professor Keith Bennett

Tuesday, 11 December

R. Joyce (forthcoming) 'The evolutionary debunking of morality', in J. Feinberg and R. Shafer-Landau (eds) Reason and Responsibility, 15th ed.(Cengage).
Discussant: Dr Caroline Sumpter

Thursday, 17 January

S. Williams (2012) 'Virtually Impossible: Deleuze and Derrida on the Political Problem of Islands', Island Studies Journal, 7: 215-234.
Discussant: Professor Steve Royle

Tuesday, 5 February

J. Marks (2012) 'Why be against Darwin: creationism, racism and the roots of anthropology', Yearbook of Physical Anthropology, 55: 95-104.
Discussant: Professor David Livingstone

Friday, 6 March

D. P. Mindell (2013) 'The tree of life: metaphor, model and heuristic device', Systematic Biology [advance access]
Discussant: Professor Keith Bennett

Tuesday, 23 April

H. Ritvo (2013) 'Edging into the wild', in J. Beardsley (ed). Designing Wildlife Habitats (Harvard University Press).
Discussant: Professor Harriet Ritvo

Tuesday, 7 May

S. Elden (2013) 'How should we do the history of territory', Territory, Politics and Goverance, 1: 5-20.
Discussant: Professor John Agnew

Thursday, 30 May

S. Elden (2013) 'Secure the volume: vertical geopolitics and the depth of power', Political Geography 30: 1-17
Discussant: Dr Ian Klinke

Monday, 10 June

P. Merriman (2012) 'Human geography without time-space', Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 37(1): 13-27.
Discussant: Dr Carl Griffin

The reading group normally meets at 1-2pm in Rm 01009, Elmwood Building





Tuesday 5 February