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Current PhD Students

PostgraduateEmailResearch Project
Barry, L.   Patterns of mobility in relation to education, employment and segregation in Northern Ireland (PT)
Lavery, C. Geography and eugenics in Britain and the United States, 1900-1950
McGeehan, H. An economic analysis of the performance of railways in Ireland 1834 to 1912
Nejab, Behnam Population mapping using census data and remote sensing
O'Boyle, Claire A longitudinal investigation of travel to work patterns in Northern Ireland 2001 – 2011: A public health perspective
Phalkey, N. Social and Ecological Resilience: Case of Marginalised Communities in Sundarbans Mangrove Ecosystem
Quail, B. Formation and use of social captial for refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland
Rice, Catherine Performing Spaces: Exploring Cartographies and Choreographies of Creative Practices
Song, W.

Medieval-English and South Korean Community Landscapes

Taylor, D. Circulating Tropical Nature: an historical geography of the botanical gardens of the British West Indies