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Current PhD Students


PostgraduateEmailResearch Project
Barry, L.   Patterns of mobility in relation to education, employment and segregation in Northern Ireland (PT)
Campbell, B Investigating the role of identity and migration in creating and sustaining levels and patterns of segregation in Northern Ireland between 1991 and 2011
Hyden, D    Social mobility and the emergence of new ‘mixed-community identities’: Mapping occurrence, understanding causes, determining consequences
Lavery, C. Geography and eugenics in Britain and the United States, 1900-1950
Mawhinney, R  
McGeehan, H An Economic Analysis of the Performance of Railways in Ireland 1834 to 1912, with specific consideration of Demand and its Determinants
Meulendijks, M Darwinian Medicine in Fin-de-Siecle Britain
Nejab, B Population mapping using census data and remote sensing
O'Boyle, C A longitudinal investigation of travel to work patterns in Northern Ireland 2001 – 2011: A public health perspective
Phalkey, N. Social and Ecological Resilience: Case of Marginalised Communities in Sundarbans Mangrove Ecosystem
Quail, B. Formation and use of social captial for refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland
Rice, C Performing Spaces: Exploring Cartographies and Choreographies of Creative Practices
Song, W Medieval-English and South Korean Community Landscapes
Swain, E Christianity and Human-Animal Relations in Britain, 1870-1900.
Ward, W Discovering America: Theories of pre-Columbian Transatlantic Contact: 1860-1920