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Spatial Technologies Forum

The forum is designed to develop the use of technologies and themes across the university sector irrespective of School or cluster. The School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaleoecology has been selected by the university to host:

The Spatial Technologies Research Forum


Convenor Dr Paul Ell

The overall aim of the Forum is to promote spatially-orientated research across the University and act as a focus for leading international scholarship in this field.

The Spatial Technologies Research Forum (STRF) has been exceptionally active from its inception in 2006. Specifically the STRF has engaged in the following activities:

  1. A series of training courses in GIS and associated spatial technologies have been introduced aimed at both postgraduate students and staff. One was held early in the life of the Forum with and two others took place in May 2007, one aimed at research staff and a second at research students. 
  2. An externally funded symposium was held in August 2006 to discuss the relation between GIS and Grid Technologies. Thanks are due to AHRC for their support. The Forum has also hosted a formal book launch of Christopher Lloyd’s Local Models for Spatial Analysis with Professor Peter Atkinson of Southampton University as guest speaker. Additional symposia are planned.
  3. Specific, targeted, speakers have been invited to meet with staff and talk over research with the aim of developing collaborative research projects. While formal presentations have been held we have encouraged closer interaction with the speakers to foster research synergies. Speakers have included Professor Mike Goodchild, the world-leading scholar in GIS and Prof. Dr. Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn a scholar with exceptional experience in geo-computational techniques.
  4. The Forum has been active in seeking external funding for relevant research. Funding was made available by Academia Sinica, the leading research University in Taiwan, to develop a Humanities Historical GIS pilot project based on a set of historical diaries. Members of the Forum have submitted a grant to AHRC to develop a temporal GIS for Ireland and examine long-term changes in religious geographies on the island. Work has taken place with  Arts, Humanities and Social Science Faculty where the University has the potential to initiate world-leading research agendas using GIS. 
  5. The Forum is well represented at external conferences presenting the work of the University. These include papers/sessions at the Association of American Geographers, the Royal Geographic Society, the Social Science History Association, and the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative and invited presentations at UC Berkeley and Stanford in the US.
  6. The Forum has encouraged scholarly publications by staff within the University with a number of papers produced in key GIS-related journals: eg from GAP - Paul Ell, Chris Lloyd, and Jennifer McKinley.