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Dr Eileen Murphy

<p>Dr Eileen Murphy</p>

Dr Eileen Murphy


BSc (Archaeology) QUB 1993.
MSc (Osteology, Palaeopathology & Funerary Archaeology) Sheffield 1994.
PhD QUB 1998.

Senior Lecturer in Osteoarchaeology



School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland


+44(0) 28 90 973979

Current Teaching:


GAP1013 Introduction to World Archaeology (Module Coordinator)
GAP3053 Society, Death and Disease (Module Co-ordinator)


GAP4507 Independent Project (Module Co-ordinator)

Current Administrative Roles:

• Programme Coordinator for the MSci in Archaeology
• Programme Coordinator for the BA Archaeology
• Assistant Leader of the Belfast Branch of the Young Archaeologists’ Club

Current Research:

Past Cultural Change (PCC)

Biocultural studies of Irish and Russian archaeological populations; hospitals in Medieval Ireland; deviant and minority burial practices; children’s burial grounds; archaeology of Fermanagh

Ballyhanna Research Project
Further information about this project can be found in volumes 1 and 4 of Seanda, the National Road Authority’s archaeology magazine.

INSTAR: The People of Prehistoric Ireland

Show me the Mummy: The Face of Takabuti


Publications since 2008

(a) Edited Books

Murphy, E. M. (ed.) 2008. Deviant Burial in the Archaeological Record. Oxford: Oxbow Book.

(b) Edited Journals

Murphy, E. M. 2008. Childhood in the Past 1

Murphy, E. M. 2009. Childhood in the Past 2

Murphy, E. M. 2010. Childhood in the Past 3.

Murphy, E. M and Ardren, T. 2011. Childhood in the Past 4.

Murphy, E. M. 2012. Childhood in the Past 5.

Murphy, E. M. 2013. Childhood in the Past 6.1.

Murphy, E.M. 2013 Childhood in the Past 6.2

Murphy, E.M. 2014 Childhood in the Past 7.1

(c) International Journal Papers

Ruffell, A., Donnelly C. J., Carver N. A., Murphy E. M., Murray E. V. and McCambridge, J. 2008. Suspect burial excavation procedure: a cautionary tale. Forensic Science International 183, e11-16.

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Murphy E. M., Chistov, Y. K., Hopkins, R., Rutland, P. and Taylor, G. M. 2009. Tuberculosis among Iron Age individuals from Tyva, South Siberia: Palaeopathological and biomolecular findings. Journal of Archaeological Science 36, 2029-38.

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Murphy, E. M., Schulting, R. J., Beer, N., Chistov, Y., Kasparov, A. and Pshenitsyna, M. 2013. Iron Age Pastoral Nomadism and Agriculture in the Eastern Eurasian Steppe: Implications from Dental Palaeopathology and Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes. Journal of Archaeological Science. []

Svyatko, S. V., Schulting, R. J., Mallory, J. P., Murphy, E. M., Reimer, P. J., Khartanovich, V. I., Chistov, Y. K. and Sablin, M. V. 2013 forthcoming. Stable Isotope Dietary Analysis of Prehistoric Populations from the Minusinsk Basin, Southern Siberia, Russia: A new chronological framework for the introduction of millet to the eastern Eurasian steppe. Journal of Archaeological Science.

McKerr, L. and Murphy, E. 2014. Tales Out of School – The ‘Hidden Curriculum’ in National Schools in the North of Ireland During the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Childhood in the Past 7.1, 49-71.

(d) Major Chapters in Books

Murphy, E. M. 2008. A biocultural study of children from Iron Age south Siberia, pp. 175-87 in Bacvarov, K. (ed.), Babies Reborn: Infant/Child Burials in Pre- and Proto-history (BAR International Series 1832). Oxford: Archaeopress.

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(e) National journal papers

Simpson, D. D. A., Murphy, E. M., Gregory, R. A. and McCartney, M. 2007 (published 2008). Excavation at Orquil souterrain, St Ola, Orkney. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 137, 169-78.

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Schulting, R., Murphy, E., Jones, C. and Warren, G. 2011. A proposed chronology for Irish court tombs based on new dates from the north of the island. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 112C, 1-60.

(f) Sections in Books

Murphy, E. M. 2008. Animal palaeopathology from Johnstown 1, Co. Meath, pp. 58-69 in Volume 7 of accompanying CD in Carlin, N., Clarke, L. And Walsh, F., The Archaeology of Life and Death in the Boyne Floodplain (NRA scheme monographs 2). Dublin: NRA.

Svyatko, S., Murphy, E., Schulting, R. and Mallory, J. 2008. Dieta narodov epohi bronzy - nachala zheleznogo veka Minusinskoi kotloviny (Yuzhnaya Sibir) po dannym analiza stabilnyh izotopov azota in ugleroda: predvaritelnyye rezultaty, pp. 213-6 in Tishkin, A. A. (ed.), Drevniye i Srednevekovyye Kochevniki Tsentralnoy Azii. Barnaul: Azbuka.

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Murphy, E. 2010. Human remains from Saint Patrick’s Church, Armoy, County Antrim, pp. 117-21 in Murray, E. and Logue, P. (eds.), Battles, Bones and Boats: Archaeological Discoveries in Northern Ireland 1987-2008. Belfast: TSO.

(g) General Reader Publications

Donnelly, C. J. and Murphy, E. M. 2008. The origins of cilliní. Archaeology Ireland 22, No. 3, 26-9.

Murphy, E. M., Ó Donnabháin, B., Welsh, H. and McGranaghan, C. 2010. INSTAR – The people of prehistoric Ireland: Phase 1. Archaeology Ireland 24, No. 1, 23-5.

Carver, N., Murphy, E., Murray, E. and Sloan, B. 2010. From life in the Bronze Age to ‘Days of the Dead’. Archaeology Ireland 24, No. 2, 14-15.

Murphy, E., David, R. and Glover, W. 2011. Takabuti: A twenty-fifth Dynasty Egyptian lady. Ancient Egypt, 22-27.

Full Publication List 2014 (pdf)

External Grant Funding:

In recent years I have received funding from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency: DOE NI, the National Roads Authority and the INSTAR programme of the Heritage Council.

PhD Students:

Jeanna Loyer - Bioarchaeology, Archaeothanatology and Social Dimensions of Bronze Age and Iron Age Eurasian Steppe Populations

Cormac McSparron - The Early Bronze Age Single Burial Tradition in Ireland

Roisin O'Reilly - Musculoskeletal stress markers associated with the activities of past Irish populations

Deirdre Drain - A Comparative Osteoarchaeological Analysis of Health Status in the Urban vs. Rural Populations of Late Medieval Ireland

Completed PhD Students (first supervisor):

Svetlana Svyatko (2009) - Palaeodietary analysis of prehistoric populations from the Minusinsk Khakass Basin, South Siberia

Lynne McKerr (2010) - The archaeology of children and childhood in Early Modern Ireland

Catriona McKenzie (2010) - Biocultural analysis of Ballyhanna Medieval human remains

Rebecca Crozier (2012) - Taphonomic study of Neolithic human remains from Orkney

Jonny Geber (2012) - Biocultural and palaeopathological analysis of Great Famine burials from the Kilkenny Workhouse

Additional Information:

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