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Dr Finbar McCormick

<p>Dr. Finbar McCormick</p>

Dr. Finbar McCormick


BA University College Cork 1976,
MA University College Cork 1982,
PhD Queen’s University Belfast 1987.

Senior Lecturer



School of Geography , Archaeology and Palaeoecology,
Queen’s University Belfast,
Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland


+44 (0) 29 90973447

Current Administrative Roles:

Director of Research for Past Cultural Change (PCC)
Advisor of Studies for all Archaeology/ Palaeoecology Students

Current Research:

Past Cultural Change

Early medieval settlement in Ireland
The zooarchaeology of the Mesolithic and Neolithic
The zooarchaeology of the Early Medieval Period
Animals and Ritual

My research work is primarily concerned with the Early Medieval Period in Ireland. For the last five years I have been in partnership with Aidan O’Sullivan of University College Dublin in the EMAP project. This is a Heritage Council funded project which bring the results of Early Medieval Excavations into the public domain. In Belfast the work has been undertaken with Thomas Kerr This project has resulted in the production of a large number of reports which have been published online. Research has also involved excavation of early medieval sites along with Dr Emily Murray the most recently published being a coastal site in Connemara, Co Galway. Research is also ongoing on Early Medieval sites associates with St Patrick’s mission in Co. Down. In particular a study has been made of and extensive building complex at Struell which has associated documentary evidence dating as early as the 8th/9th century. Excavation of the sites undertaken in 2012 with Emily Murray, funded by NIEA, uncovered evidence for early medieval activity but also shows the wells were located in proximity to prehistoric “burnt Mound” activity. There was also evidence for early burial although this has yet to be dates. Research is also being undertaken on the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition. Excavations at Connors Island County Sligo in 2012, undertaken with Chris Hunt Tatjana Kytmannoe and Thorsten Kahlert uncovered very early evidence for agriculture. The excavation was financed by the Royal Irish Academy.

 Early Neolithic settlement at Connors Island, Co. Sligo

My other broad area of research activity is in the area of zooarchaeology and especially the combination of zooarchaeological evidence. In particular, animal bone assemblages have been used as a proxy for indentifying major economic and settlement change in Early Medieval Ireland. Recent work has dealt with the early evidence for dairying in Europe and beyond and also with ritual depositions animal remains in early prehistory. One current project concerns the unique ritualistic deposit of a large number of cattle in an early Neolithic enclosure at Kilshane, Co. Dublin.

 Cattle bones deposits at Kilshane, Co. Dublin


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