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Dr Helen Roe

<p>Dr Helen Roe</p>

Dr Helen Roe


BSc (Hons) Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London;
PhD, University of Cambridge

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography



School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University
Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK


+44(0)28 90975148

Current Administrative Roles:

Postgraduate Research Coordinator
Advisor of Studies
Chair of School Safety Committee
External Relations Committee

Current Research:

Environmental Change

Member : Environmental Change Research Cluster 

Recent Publications (2008-)

Rea, H.A., Swindles, G.T., Roe, H.M. (2012). The Hekla 1947 tephra in the North of Ireland: regional distribution, concentration and geochemistry. Journal of Quaternary Science. DOI:10.1002/jqs.1566

Elliott, S.M., Roe, H.M., Patterson, R.T. (2012) Testate amoebae as indicators of hydroseral change: an 8,500 year record from Mer Bleue Bog, eastern Ontario, Canada.  Quaternary International.  DOI:10.1016/j.quaint.2011.08.020

Briant, R.M., Keen, D.H., Kilfeather, A.A., Parfitt, S., Penkman, K.E.H., Preece, R.C., Roe, H.M., Schwenninger, J-L., Wenban-Smith, F.F., Whittaker, J.E. (2012).  Integrated chronological control on a Pleistocene river terrace sequence: the Medway, eastern Essex, England.  Proceedings of the Geologists' Association.  DOI:10.1016/j.pgeola.2011.07.008

Roe, H.M., Preece, R.C. (2011). Incised palaeo-channels of the late Middle Pleistocene Thames: age, origins and implications for fluvial palaeogeography and sea-level reconstruction in the southern North Sea basin.  Quaternary Science Reviews, 30, 2498-2519.  DOI: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2011.04.007 

Smith, B.J., McAlister, J.J., Roe H.M., Royle, S.A. (2011). Metal and oxalate contamination in a suburban watershed in the Greater Toronto Area: the benefits of employing acid leach and selective extraction procedures. Journal of Environmental Management, 92(3) 848-858.  DOI:10.1016/j.jenvman.2010.10.036

Roe, H.M., Penkman, K.E.H., Preece, R.C., Briant, R.M., Francis Wenban-Smith, F. (2011).  Evolution of the Thames Estuary during MIS 9: insights from the Shoeburyness area, Essex.  Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 122, 397-418. DOI:10.1016/j.pgeola.2010.11.005    

Patterson, R.T., Swindles, G.T., Roe, H.M., Kumar, A. (2011). A dinoflagellate cyst-based transfer function for mid to late Holocene winter sea-surface temperature from an anoxic fjord in the NE Pacific Ocean. Quaternary International, 235, 13-25.  DOI:10.1016/j.quaint.2010.06.016

Roe, H.M., Robinson, D.P. (2010). The use of Personal Response Systems (PRS) in multiple-choice asssessment: benefits and pitfalls over traditional, paper-based approaches. Planet, 23, 54-62.

Galloway, J.M., Babalola, L., Patterson, R.T., Roe, H.M. (2010).  A high resolution marine palynological record from the central mainland coast of British Columbia, Canada: evidence for a mid-late Holocene dry climate interval.  Marine Micropaleontology, 75, 62-78.  DOI: 10.1016/j.marmicro.2010.03.001

Roe, H.M., Patterson, R.T., Swindles, G.T. (2010). Controls on the contemporary distribution of lake thecamoebians (testate amoebae) in the Greater Toronto Area and their potential as water quality indicators. Journal of Paleolimnology, 43(4), 123-140. DOI:10.1007/s10933-009-9380-1

Swindles, G.T. Blundell, A., Roe, H.M., Hall, V.A. (2010). A 4500-year proxy climate record from peatlands in the North of Ireland: the identification of widespread 'drought phases' in Northwest Europe?  Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, 1577-1589 DOI:10.1016/j.quascirev.2009.01.003

Roe, H.M., Coope, G.R., Devoy, R.J.N., Harrison, C.J.O., Penkman, K.E.H., Preece, R.C., Schreve, D.C. (2009). Differentiation of MIS 9 and MIS 11 in the continental record: vegetational, faunal, aminostratigraphic and sea-level evidence from coastal sites in eastern Essex, UK. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28, 2342-2373. DOI:10.1016/j.quascirev.2009.04.017

Galloway, J.M., Doherty, C.T., Patterson, R.T., Roe, H.M. (2009). Postglacial vegetation and climate dynamics in the Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, central coastal British Columbia, Canada: palynological evidence from Tiny Lake. Journal of Quaternary Science, 24(4), 322-335.  DOI:10.1002/jqs.1232

Roe, H.M., Doherty, C.T., Patterson, R.T., Swindles, G.T. (2009). Contemporary distributions of saltmarsh diatoms from the Seymour Inlet Complex, British Columbia, Canada: implications for studies of sea-level change. Marine Micropalaeontology, 70 (3-4), 134-150.  DOI:10.1016/j.marmicro.2008.12.001

Swindles, G.T., Roe, H.M., Charman, D.J., Sansum, P.A. (2009). Environmental controls on peatland testate amoebae (Protozoa: Rhizopoda) in the North of Ireland: implications for paleoclimate studies. Journal of Paleolimnology, 42(1), 123-140.  DOI:10.1007/s10933-008-9266-7

Roe, H.M. (2008). Late-glacial and Holocene relative sea-level change in Northern Ireland. In: Whitehouse, N.J., Roe, H.M., McCarron, S., Knight, J. (eds.) North of Ireland: Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association, London. 21-28 pp. ISBN 0907 780 776.

Whitehouse, N.J., Roe, H.M., McCarron, S., Knight, J. (2008). North of Ireland: Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association, London. 286 pp. ISBN 0907 780 776.

Roe, H.M., Swindles, G.T. (2008). Holocene sea-level history and coastal evolution of Glenariff, County Antrim. In: Whitehouse, N.J., Roe, H.M., McCarron, S. and Knight, J. (eds.) North of Ireland: Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association. London. 106-116 pp. ISBN 0907 780 776.

Watchorn, M.A., Hamilton, P.B., Anderson, T.W., Roe, H.M., Patterson, R.T. (2008). Diatoms and pollen as indicators of water quality and land use change: a case study from the Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario, Canada. Journal of Paleolimnology, 39(4), 491-509. DOI:10.1007/s10933-007-9126-x

Roe, H.M., Swindles, G.T. (2008). Post-glacial evolution of the Lower Dun Valley, Co. Antrim: a re-examination of the Movius (1940) sections at Cushendun. In: Whitehouse, N.J., Roe, H.M., McCarron, S. and Knight, J. (eds.) North of Ireland: Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association. London. 117-128 pp. ISBN 0907 780 776.

External Grant Funding:

  • 2009- Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) Tephrochronology Analytical Unit (TAU) ‘Peatland records of recent (c. last 250 years) climate change in the North of Ireland.’ (with H. Rea) £4,680
  • 2009- Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) ‘Impact of climate change on the long-term viability of the strategically important Tibbitt to Contwoyto winter road, Northwest Territories, Canada’ Co-investigator with Prof Tim Patterson (PI) Carleton University, Ottawa and Prof Paula Reimer, QUB CDN$461,530
  • 2005- Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service ‘Peatland archives of Holocene climate change in the North of Ireland.’ (with G. Swindles) £1,276.
  • 2004-  The Foundation for Canadian Studies in the United Kingdom and the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, ‘Sustained Studies in Contemporary Canadian Issues Program’.  Principal Investigator. £17,744
  • 2004-  NERC - Radiocarbon Dating Facility  ‘Late Quaternary relative sea-level  change in the Belize-Seymour Inlet complex, British Columbia, Canada.’ 14 AMS Radiocarbon dates   £5,850
  • 2002-  National Environmental Research Council (NERC) Airborne Remote Sensing Facility  ‘Intertidal biofacies mapping and terrain modelling of Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland’ 
  • 2001- The Royal Society. ‘Coastal response to higher-than-present sea levels in Eastern Ulster’  £8,608
  • 2001- Nuffield Foundation - Grant for newly appointed lecturers in Science, Mathematics and Engineering. ‘Holocene sea-level change in SE Ulster’  £4,211