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Dr Jennifer McKinley

<p>Dr Jennifer Mary McKinley</p>

Dr Jennifer Mary McKinley


BSc (Hons) 1984, Queen’s University Belfast
PhD 2001, Queen’s University Belfast

Senior Lecturer (GIS)



School of Geography, Archaeology & Palaeoecology,
Queen’s University Belfast


++ 44 (0)28 90973827

Current Teaching:

GAP1007 Dynamic Earth
 Techniques in Earth Science
GAP3060 Advanced Geographical Information Systems

GAP7104 and GAP4104 Heritage Science Masters programme GIS and 3D visualisation module

Current Administrative Roles:

Level 1 Coordinator

Current Research:

Environmental Change

My academic record demonstrates a well-balanced profile with evidence of sustained significant contribution to the research, teaching and management of the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology and to Queen’s University Belfast. Particular strengths include interdisciplinary collaboration in innovative research within Queen's, nationally and internationally to maximise funding opportunities. This has resulted in several significant successfully funded projects (EPSRC, NERC funded British Geological Survey University Funding Initiative (BUFI). Actively pursuing sponsorship and working partnerships with external agencies is an important aspect of my research. Collaborative research includes the EU funded Tellus Border project (INTERREG IVA) with Geological Survey Northern Ireland (GSNI), Geological Survey Ireland and Dundalk Institute.

My research and teaching expertise comprises a range of innovative fields (ground and remote sensed earth processes, criminal and environmental forensics and weathering) but the recurrent theme is the development and application of spatial analysis techniques (Geographical Information Science and geostatistics) within these fields.

As a Chartered Fellow of the Geological Society of London I am a member of the Geological Society Forensic Geoscience Group and Communications Officer for the IUGS-IFG (Initiative on Forensic Geology). I am a member of the Royal Irish Academy Geosciences committee and a participant in the Politics Plus MLA scientist pairing scheme.

I was elected Executive Vice President (2012-2016) of the International Association of Mathematical Geoscientists (IAMG).


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McKinley, JM & McCabe, S 2010, 'A Geostatistical Investigation into Changing Permeability of Sandstones During Weathering Simulations' Geographical Analysis, vol 42, no. 2, pp. 180-203.,

External Grant Funding:

Recent Research Funding

An Integrated Spatial Approach Using GIS for Slope Risk Assessment
01/08/2012 → 31/12/2013 ADEPT VIA ROADS SER, £10,000, Wiltshire Council

EU INTERREG IVA-funded TELLUS Border Project 10761 DETI/GSNI Scientific Research Services for the Tellus Border Project 01/08/2013 → 31/12/2013 Project 10761, £38,935, Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment

EU INTERREG IVA-funded TELLUS Border Soil carbon and peat depth assessment using Airborne Geophysical Data 01/10/2011 → 30/09/2013 NO 003603, £132,815.

Trace Element Abundance and Human Epidemiology - The Tellus Case Study
01/10/2007 → 30/09/2011 NE/E009115/1, £35,032, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland

Prix Du Quebec 2010 (Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland)

01/10/2010 → 30/11/2010 £858, Quebec Government EPSRC Thin Sectioning Equipment for Multi-Disciplinary Research in Engineering and the Geosciences
07/08/2008 → 06/08/2011 EP/F027117/1, £186,947, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council

EPSRC The application of geostatistical analysis to decay dynamics of masonry material
01/10/2007 → 31/12/2009 EP/E049648/1, £198,464, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council

The application of geostatistical analysis to the prediction and modelling of the decay dynamics of masonry materials