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Dr Maarten Blaauw

<p>Dr Maarten Blaauw</p>

Dr Maarten Blaauw


MSc Biology, Groningen University 1998
PhD Palaeoecology, Amsterdam University 2003

Lecturer in Chronology



School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Northern Ireland, UK


+44 (0)28 9097 3895

Current Teaching:

GAP1002 Environmental Change: Past, Present and Future

GAP2030 Sustaining the Biosphere

GAP2051 Rapid Environmental Change

GAP3002 Quaternary Palaeoecology

GAP3055 Dating the Past

GAP7047 Chronology Modelling

Current Research: Environmental Change

I am interested in using statistics to answer palaeo-ecological questions. I am working on:

  • Software for radiocarbon age-depth modelling
  • Statistical/ecological interpretation of proxy archives


65 - Lamentowicz, M., Gałka, M., Milecka, K., Tobolski, K., Lamentowicz, Ł, FiaŁkiewicz-KozieŁ, B.,Blaauw, M., accepted. A 1300 years multi-proxy, high-resolution record from a rich fen in northern Poland: reconstructing hydrology, land-use and climate change. Journal of Quaternary Science

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63 - Lowe, D.J., Blaauw, M., Hogg, A.G., Newnham, R.M., in press. Ages of 24 widespread tephras erupted since 30,000 years ago in New Zealand, with re-evaluation of the timing and palaeoclimatic implications of the Lateglacial cool episode recorded at Kaipo bog. Quaternary Science Reviews [link]

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61 - Vandergoes, M.J., Newnham, R.W., Denton, G.H., Blaauw, M., Barrell, D.J.A., in press. The anatomy of Last Glacial Maximum climate change in the southern mid-latitudes derived from pollen records in south Westland, New Zealand. Quaternary Science Reviews

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External Grant Funding:

March 2011, GBP 14,400 by the Royal Society for high-precision C-14 dating of an East African lake

Additional Information:

For more information, incl. CV, software and scientific animations, visit my personal webpage