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Dr Paul Ell (Original)

Dr Paul S Ell (<a href="/schools/gap/Staff/AcademicStaff/DrPaulEllOriginal/ExtendedInformation/">Extended Information</a>)Dr Paul S Ell (Extended Information)


BA (Hons) History and Geography, Keele 1985. MA, English Local History, Leicester 1987. PhD, Geography, Birmingham 1992.

Director, Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis



Room 01 008 Elmwood Building
Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis
School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK


Direct: +44 (0)28 9097 3408, Secretary: +44 (0)28 9097 3883

Current Teaching:

Current Administrative Roles:

Director of the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis
Director of the Spatial Technologies Research Forum
Member of the School Management Board
Member of the Staff Training and Development research support team

Current Research: Society, Space and Culture

Director of the Spatial Technologies Research Forum
Member of the Society, Space and Culture Research Cluster
Director of several large research projects


Ian N. Gregory and Paul S. Ell, Geographical Information Systems in Historical Research, Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography, Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Ian N. Gregory and Paul S. Ell, 'Error sensitive historical GIS: Identifying areal interpolation errors in time series data', International Journal of Geographical Information Science, vol 20, 2, pp. 135-52, ISSN 1365-8816, 2006.

I.N. Gregory and Paul S. Ell, 'Breaking the boundaries: Geographical approaches to integrating 200 years of the Census', Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 168 pt 3, pp. 1- 19, ISSN 0964 1998, 2005.

Paul S. Ell and Ian N. Gregory, 'Demography, Depopulation and Devastationn: Exploring the Geography of the Irish Potato Famine', Historical Geography, vol 33, pp. 54-76, 2005.

External Grant Funding:

  1. JISC, A Digital Library of Core Resources on Ireland, £620,345, 2007-9.
  2. Institute of Library and Museum Services USA, Bringing Lives to Light: Biography in Context, with UC Berkeley, $398,427, 2007-9.
  3. AHRC, GIS e-Science: Developing a Roadmap, £16,000, 2006-7.
  4. ESRC, The Historical Geographical Information Systems Research Network, £14,788, 2006-7.
  5. Academia Sinica, The Hart Diaries: towards multimedia temporal GIS, £20,000, 2006-7.
  6. Leverhulme Trust, Early Career Fellowship awarded to Dr I.N. Gregory to be based under Dr Ell’s supervision, £46,000, 2004-6.
  7. British Academy, Mapping the Past: Computerisation of the 1676 Compton Census, £4,899, 2004.
  8. AHRB, From Partition to Direct Rule: 50 Years of Northern Irish Parliamentary Papers online, £303,330, 2003-6.
  9. JISC, British and Commonwealth Census Project £950,000 with AHDS, 2003-7.
  10. JISC, Integrating Digital Library Technologies into the SAKAI Framework, with UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, AHDS and the Universities of Michigan and Liverpool, £149,678, 2005-6.
  11. Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam, Sample work on Dutch Census Volumes, £1,550, 2004.
  12. AHRB, EPPI: Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland, 1801-1922, £290,782 with the University of Southampton, 2002-4.
  13. ESRC, A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Great Irish Famine, £29,000 with the Universities of Portsmouth and Essex, 2002-3.
  14. British Academy, The `new' ecclesiastical parishes in 19th-century England and Wales, £4,150 with the Universities of Portsmouth and Leicester, 2002.
  15. British Academy, An Irish time-variant historical Geographical information System - Feasibility Study, £4,951, 2002-3.
  16. British Academy, Completing the Jigsaw: Digitising parish level census tables for Great Britain, £4,950 with the University of Portsmouth, 2001-2.
  17. New Opportunities Fund - Digitisation, A Vision of Britain through Time, £620,000 with the Universities of Portsmouth and Leeds, 2001-3.
  18. New Opportunities Fund - Digitisation, BOPCRIS, £450,000 with the Universities of Southampton and Cambridge, 2001-2.
  19. New Opportunities Fund - Digitisation, Act of Union Virtual Library, £258,180, 2001-3.
  20. British Library Co-Operation and Partnership Programme, BOPCRIS 1688-1800, £120,000 with the BOPCRIS Consortium, 2000-1.
  21. Research Support Libraries Programme, BOPCRIS 1801-32 and 1984-1995, £87,500 with the BOPCRIS Consortium, 2000-2
  22. Welcome Trust, Building the National Health, £164,000 with the Universities of Portsmouth and London, 2000.

Additional Information:

Stephen Bell, Spatio-temporal analysis of historical individual migration patterns, funded by Queen’s University International Distinguished Visiting Scholar Programme. Additional supervisors Professor David J Bodenhamer (IUPUI), Dr Ian N Gregory (Lancaster).