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Extended Information

David N. Livingstone

Professor of Geography and Intellectual History


Current research interests

My research interests congregate around several related themes: the histories of geographical knowledge, the spatiality of scientific culture, and the historical geographies of science and religion. I am currently involved in two writing projects. The first focuses on the geographies of Darwinism. Here I am attempting to elucidate the role of space and place in the circulation of Darwinism and the construction of Darwinian meaning. The second, under the working title ‘The Empire of Climate’, is a social history of environmental determinism from Herodotus to Global Warming.




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Distinctions and Awards

  • Fellow of the British Academy, elected 1995
  • Back Award, Royal Geographical Society, 1997
  • Member of the Royal Irish Academy, elected 1998
  • Centenary Medal, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, 1998
  • British Academy Research Reader, 1999-2001
  • Templeton Foundation Lecture Prize, 1999
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, elected 2001
  • OBE, for services to Geography and History, 2002
  • Member of the Academia Europaea, elected 2002
  • Member of the Academy of the Social Sciences, elected 2002
  • Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal in the Social Sciences, 2008
  • Corresponding Member, International Academy of the History of Science, elected 2011
  • Founder's Medal, Royal Geographical Society, 2011
  • Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, 2011-2014
  • Hon. D. Litt (University of Aberdeen), 2013


Named Lectures

  • Robert Allen Memorial Lecture, Union College, Belfast, 1991
  • Charles Lyell Lecture, British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1994
  • Templeton Lecture, Oregon State University, 1999
  • Hettner Lectures, University of Heidelberg, 2001
  • Murrin Lectures, University of British Columbia, 2002
  • Progress in Human Geography Lecture, Royal Geographical Society, 2005
  • Appleton Lecture, University of Hull, 2007
  • Von Humboldt Lecture, U.C.L.A., 2007
  • Manley Lecture, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2007
  • Gunning Lecture, University of Edinburgh, 2009
  • Gregory Lecture, University of Southampton, 2010
  • Gifford Lectures, University of Aberdeen, 2014
  • Walton Lecture, delivered at National University of Ireland Maynooth, 2015
  • Dudleian Lecture, Harvard University, 2015


Recent External Appointments

Visiting Noted Scholar, University of British Columbia, 1999
Member, Royal Irish Academy Strategic Plan Committee, 2000-02
Member, Geography Panel (35), RAE 2001
Visiting Distinguished Professor of History of Science, Baylor University, 2003-05
President, Geography Section, British Association for the Advancement of Science, 2005
Visiting Fellowships Officer, Section SS3, British Academy, 2005-08
Deputy Chair, Geography and Environmental Studies Sub-Panel (32), RAE 2008
Vice-President (Research), Royal Geographical Society, 2007-10
Member of Council, British Society for the History of Science, 2009-2011





 The Geographical Tradition    Science, Space and Hermeneutics


 Geographies of Nineteenth-Century Science    Dealing with Darwin

       Selected Books

  • Nathaniel Southgate Shaler and the Culture of American Science (University of Alabama Press, 1987)
  • Darwin's Forgotten Defenders (Scottish Academic Press, 1987)
  • The Geographical Tradition:  Episodes in the History of a Contested Enterprise (Blackwell, 1992)
  • Ulster-American Religion: Episodes in the History of a Cultural Connection (University of Notre Dame Press, 1999) with R.A. Wells
  • Geography and Enlightenment (University of Chicago Press, 1999) edited with Charles W.J. Withers
  • Science, Space and Hermeneutics (University of Heidelberg, 2002)
  • Putting Science in it Place: Geographies of Scientific Knowledge (University of Chicago Press, 2003)
  • Geography and Revolution (University of Chicago Press, 2005) edited with Charles W.J. Withers
  • Adam's Ancestors: Race, Religion and the Politics of Human Origins (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008)
  • Geographies of Science (Springer, 2010) edited with Peter Meusburger and Heike Jöns
  • Geographies of Nineteenth Century Science (University of Chicago Press, 2011) edited with Charles W.J. Withers
  • The Sage Handbook of Geographical Knowledge (Sage, 2011) edited with John Agnew
  • Dealing with Darwin: Place, Politics and Rhetoric in Religious Engagements with Evolution (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014)


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