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Prof (Emeritus) Bernard Smith (deceased)

<p>Prof (Emeritus) Bernard Smith (deceased)</p>

Prof (Emeritus) Bernard Smith (deceased)


BSc PhD (University of Reading)

Professor of Tropical Geomorphology



School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK


+44 (0)28 9097 5144

Current Teaching:

GGY2034 Water, atmosphere and society

Current Research: Environmental Change

Member of the Weathering Research Group, within the Environmental Change Research Cluster. Research interests include Natural Rock Weathering, Urban Stone Decay, Sediment Pollution in Cities and its Health Implications, Conservation of Natural and Built Heritage.


2002 Smith, B.J., Wright, J. S. and Whalley W.B. Sources of non-glacial loess-size quartz silt and the origins of ‘desert loess’.  Earth Science Reviews, 59: 1-26.
2002 Smith, B.J., Turkington, A.V., Warke, P.A., Basheer, P.A.M., McAlister, J.J., Meneely, J. and Curran J.M. Modelling the rapid retreat of building sandstones.  A case study from a polluted maritime environment.  Geological Society of London Special Publication, 205: 339-354.
2005 Smith, B.J., Warke, P.A., McGreevy, J.P and Kane, H.L. Salt weathering simulations under hot desert conditions: agents of enlightenment or perpetuators of preconceptions?  Geomorphology, 67: 211-227.
2006 Gómez-Heras, M., Smith, B.J. and Fort, R.  Surface temperature differences between minerals in crystalline rocks: implications for granular disaggregation of granites through thermal fatigue.  Geomorphology, 78: 236-249.

External Grant Funding:

2001 Environment and Heritage Service – Protected Landscapes Research.
2001 TCS/Research Councils – An interactive inventory of stone performance in use.
2001 Environment and Heritage Service – (with R. Tomlinson(PI) and A. Ruffell) EHS – The development of geodiversity and biodiversity profiles for landscape character areas.
2001 EPSRC – (with P. Warke PI) Complex weathering effects on the durability of masonry materials.
2002 Environment and Heritage Service – Footpath erosion in the Mourne Mountains and Slieve Gullion.
2002 Environment and Heritage Service – Background research for the strategic management of the Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site.
2003 Environment and Heritage Service – Research into Protected Landscapes in Northern Ireland.
2003 Canadian Government – (with H. Roe (PI) S. Royle and G. Ellis) Environmental Pollution in Ontario.
2004 Environment and Heritage Service – Management plan for the Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site.
2004 Local Government – Environmental Recreation Strategies for Craigavon Borough Council.
2005 EU – (with D. Stelfox, Consarc Conservation Ltd) Natural Stone Database for Northern Ireland.
2005 Local Government – Environmental Recreation Strategies in Craigavon Borough Council.
2005 Local Government – Recreation Strategy for Maghery Country Park Craigavon Borough Council.
2005 EPSRC – (with P.A.M. Basheer (QUB), H.A. Viles (University of Oxford), K. Grattan and T. Sun (City University)) Rapid, catastrophic decay of building limestones: implications for masonry selection and lifetime behaviour.
2006 Local Government – Environmental recreation strategies for Craigavon Borough Council.
2006 National Trust – (with J. Orford (PI), N. Betts and J. Cooper (University of Ulster)) Future Coast Scenarios for Northern Ireland.