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Extended Information

Professor James Anderson

Recent publications, projects and invited lectures etc.

I joined the School of Geography in October 1999. Educated at Magee University College Derry and Queen's University Belfast, the University of Alberta Edmonton, and the London School of Economics, I headed the post-graduate Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the Architectural Association School in London in the 1970s. From 1979 worked at The Open University and chaired its Social Science Foundation Course. Appointed to the Chair of International Development in the University of Newcastle in 1996. In Queen's helped set up C-STAR: the Centre for Spatial Territorial Analysis and Research, and the Centre for International Borders Research (CIBR). ‘Emeritus’ conferred in November 2006, and I returned in October 2007 as a part-time researcher on the ‘Divided Cities’ project.

Publications since January 2001


Geopolitics of European Union Enlargement: The fortress empire, co-edited (with Warwick Armstrong), Routledge Transnationalism Series, London, 2007, 243pp.

Transnational Democracy: Political spaces and border crossings, edited, Routledge Transnationalism Series, London, 2002, 254pp.

Three books / special journal issues on borders and cross-border co-operation, guest co-edited with L. O'Dowd and T.M.Wilson, and based on CIBR conferences in 2000 and 2001: European Studies: A Journal of European Culture, History and Politics, 2003; Regional and Federal Studies, Vol. 12, 4, 2002 / New Borders for a Changing Europe, London: Frank Cass, 2003; and Administration, Journal of the Institute of Public Administration of Ireland, Vol 49, No.2, 2001.


'Partition, consociation, border-crossing: Some lessons from the national conflict in Ireland/Northern Ireland', Nations and Nationalism, 14, 1, 85-104, January 2008

'Imperialism and Nationalism: The Home Rule struggle and border creation in Ireland, 1885-1925', (with L. O'Dowd) Political Geography, 26, 8, 934-950, November 2007.

Saving the world from American hegemony, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 22, 6, 911-914, 2004

'American hegemony after September 11: Allies, rivals and contradictions', Geopolitics, 8, 3, 35-60, 2003.

Theorising State Borders in Capitalism: Spatial Fixes Old and New, (with I. Shuttleworth), CIBR Electronic Working Papers Series,, 2004.

 'Borders after 11 September 2001', Space & Polity Vol. 6, No. 2, 227-232 - Special issue on state borders, 2002.

'Towards a theory of borders: states, political economy and democracy', Annales - Istran and Mediterranean Studies,11, 2 (26), 2001.

Theorising state borders: 'Politics/economics' and democracy in capitalism, Working Paper No. 1 in the CIBR Working Paper Series, 2001.

Book Chapters

Imperial Ethnocracy and Demography: Foundations of ethno-national conflict in Belfast and Jerusalem. In Locating Urban Conflicts: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and the Everyday, W. Pullan and B. Baillie (eds.) 2013, London: Palgrave MacMillan, 195-213.

Rundale and Social Revolution in Nineteenth Century Donegal, in An Historical, Environmental and Cultural Atlas of County Donegal, J. Mac Laughlin and S. Beattie (eds.) 2013, Cork: Cork University Press, 182-7. 

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Transnational Democracy. In B. Isakhan and S. Stockwell (eds.) 2012, The Edinburgh Companion to the History of Democracy, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 467-478.

Democracy and Territoriality: Ethno-national conflict and the necessity of democratic trespass. In I. Filibi, N. Cornago and J. Frosini (eds.) 2011, Democracy with(out) Nations? Old and new foundations for political communities in a changing world, Bilbao: Univ. of the Basque Country Press, 129-157.

Sectarian demography: Dubious discourses of ethno-national conflict. In K. Hayward and C. O’Donnell (eds.) Political Discourse and Conflict Resolution: Debating peace in Northern Ireland, London and New York: Routledge, 2011, 160-176 (with O. McEldowney and I. Shuttleworth).

Transnational Democracy for European Diversity (Position Paper commissioned by the Council of Europe), published in K. Robins (ed.) The Challenge of Transcultural Diversities, Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing, 2006

Singular Europe: an empire once again? and Fixing capitalism and Europe’s peripheries: west European imperialism (with I. Shuttleworth) – Chapters 1 and 8 in Armstrong W. and Anderson J. (eds.) Geopolitics of European Union Enlargement: The fortress empire, Routledge Transnationalism Series, London, May 2007.

Only Sustain... The Environment, 'anti-globalisation' and the runaway bicycle , Chapter 11 in J. Johnston, M.Gismondi and J. Goodman (Eds.) Nature's Revenge: Reclaiming sustainability in an age of corporate globalism, Broadview, Toronto, 2006.

The shifting stage of politics: New medieval and postmodern territorialities?, reprinted in K. Cox (ed.) Political Geography: Critical concepts in the social sciences, London: Routledge, 2005 (originally in Society and Space, 14, 133-153, 1996.)

A New Spatial Fix for Capitalist Crisis? Immigrant labour, state borders and ostracising imperialism, (with I. Shuttleworth) pp. 145-161 in L. Assassi, K. van der Pijl and D. Wigan (eds.) Contextualising Global Regulation, Palgrave, 2004.

Questions of Democracy, Territoriality and Globalization; and Transnational Democracy versus National Conflict; Chapters 1 and 7 in J. Anderson (ed.) Transnational Democracy, Routledge, 2002

The Rise of Regions and Regionalism in Western Europe, Chapter 2 in Governing European Diversity, Montserrat Guibernau (ed.), Sage, London, 2001.

Other contributions include:

Democracy, Territoriality and Ethno-National Conflict: A Framework for Studying Ethno-Nationally Divided Cities Part II. Divided Cities/Contested States Working Paper 18, 2010.  

 'Reflections on the Irish 'Peace Process': What Gerry Adams should have said to Mahmoud Abbas', Conflict in Focus, Issue 14-15, Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, Amman, August/October 2006, 16-18.

Spaces of Fear - How Does Fear of Violence Influence Labour Markets in Northern Ireland? (with I. Shuttleworth) Labour Market Bulletin, Dept. of Employment, 17, 2003.

Labour Recruitment in Northern Ireland Phase III: Cross-Border Labour Flows and the Case of Xerox Dundalk, C-STAR contract research report to Dept of Employment, 2002 (with I. Shuttleworth and D. McKinstry); and How did Xerox (Dundalk) impact on the NI labour market? Labour Market Bulletin, 16, 95-100, 2002.

‘Mapping Frontiers’ project - North-South Co-operation in a Divided Island: IRISH BORDER COMMUNITIES: Questioning the effects of state borders and ethno-national identities, Working Paper No. 6, 2006. See

 Imperial Disintegration and the Creation of the Irish Border: Imperialism and Nationalism 1885-1925, (with L. O'Dowd) Working Paper 3, 2005, 16pp.

Recent/current funded research

Currently working on ethno-nationally divided cities (with Prof. Liam O’Dowd, Sociology, QUB); on Belfast’s demography through the ‘Troubles’ (with Dr. Ian Shuttleworth, Geography, QUB); and on capitalism’s threat to ecology and the political responses to it (with Dr. James Goodman, International Relations, University of Technology, Sydney).

Recent funded research includes:  

'Conflict in Cities and the Contested State: Everyday Life and the Possibilities of Transformation in Belfast, Jerusalem and Other Divided Cities'. ESRC Large Grant: Co-investigator, with principal investigator Dr W. Pullan, Architecture, Cambridge, and co-investigators Profs. M. Dumper, Politics, Exeter, and L. O'Dowd, Sociology, QUB; 2007 - 2012. £3.2 million (£1.1 m. to Queen’s) It provides 2 days a week work (and approx. 2 years research buy-out for the other three investigators) over the 5 years; research assistance; travel; and 6 doctoral studentships. Follows two previous ESRC projects with Drs. Pullan and Dumper on ‘Conflict in Cities: Architecture and Urban Order in Divided Jerusalem’ - £111,000, 2005-07, and £44,900, 2003-04. See

‘Mapping Frontiers, Plotting Pathways: Routes to North-South Cooperation in a Divided Island'. EU-funded, large multi-disciplinary project in QUB and University College Dublin. Teaching buy-out, and contributed on partition process, and surveys of border communities. €570,000: 2004-06.

‘Local Dimensions of a Wider European Neighbourhood: ...Cross-Border Co-operation’. EU FP6 linked research projects into changing borders in eastern Europe with researchers from a range of countries; involving several CIBR staff with a €120,000 share of a € 1 million budget over three years, 2006-09.

‘Linking Northern Ireland Census of Population Data 1971-2001’ - ESRC project creating consistent time series. Co-investigator with principal investigator Ian Shuttleworth, and Chris Lloyd. £72,000, 2004–06.

‘Political demography: the Northern Ireland Census, discourse and territoriality’ ESRC - principal investigator, with co-investigators I. Shuttleworth and C. Lloyd. £39,350, 2003-04.

Recent invited lectures/seminars include:

‘Transnational democracy – the limits of representation and territoriality’, International Workshop on Democracy with(out) nations? International Institute of the Sociology of Law, Oñati / University of the Basque Country, 3-4 April 2008

 ‘The EU and other empires: Europe in a world of hegemonic decline’, International Roundtable, Europe’s Worlds/Europe in the World, Royal Holloway, 12 January 2008.

‘Conflict in cities: from empires to ethno-national conflicts’, Power and Space Conference, University of Cambridge, 6-8 December 2007.

 'A radical response to the intractability of national conflict’, keynote to conference on Nationalism and National Identities, CRONEM, University of Surrey, 12-13 June 2007.

‘Responses to the intractability of ethno-national conflict’, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, March 2007

Visiting Professor, University of Primorska, Koper/Capodistria, Slovenia, lecturing on global hegemony, EU enlargement and regionalism, in March 2006, and in June 2007.

'From ethno-national border conflicts to border-crossing resolutions? The Irish experience to date’, invited paper to I.G.U. Conference on Dayton – 10 years later, November 2005, Sarajevo.

Invited ‘roundtable’ participant in the Final Conference of the EU/British Academy-funded project on ‘The European Union and Border Conflicts’, Nov. 2005, Brussels.

‘Bordering on Empire: Capital, labour and the expansion of the European Union’ - keynote lecture to the American 'Association of Borderlands Studies' Conference on Borders in a New Europe, September 2004, University of Graz, Austria.

‘Transnational democracy for the EU’, The Future of Europe Debate, 3rd Inter-Isles Forum for young politicians from Britain and Ireland, February 2004, Dublin.

 Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia, University of Trieste, Italy – lecturing at IX Summer School on Transfrontier Co-operation, September 2003.

‘Spaces of fear: communal violence and spatial behaviour’, (with I. Shuttleworth) symposium on Cultures of violence? January 2003, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), St Johns College, Cambridge.

'Researching Borders: Contexts and Questions', the keynote lecture to Association of Borderlands Studies, September 2002, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Invited participant in European Science Foundation research workshops on borders and cross-border co-operation, in Slovenia 2001, and Vienna 2002.

'Territory, national borders and transnational democracy', ESRC-sponsored International Round Table on 'Territorial Identities and Citizenship in Europe', December 2001, University of Durham.

 'Approaches to theorising state borders', March 2001, ESRC Transnational Communities Research Programme, University of Oxford.