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Prof (Emeritus) Jonathan Pilcher

Professor Jonathan Pilcher


BSc Botany, London 1964;
PhD Palaeoecology, Queens University Belfast 1972

Emeritus Professor of Palaeoecology



Archaeology and Palaeoecology
School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK


+44 (0) 2890 973977

Current Research: Environmental change

History of atmospheric particle deposition on the Greenland ice sheet. Collaboration with the NEEM ice core drilling project. Improvements to microprobe analysis for tephra identification.

Recent publications

1) Related to Arctic projects and based on field work in the Lofoten Islands:

Pilcher, J., Bradley, R.S., Francus, P. and Anderson, L. 2007. Vulkansk aske fra Island setter tidsskala for Lofotens klimatiske historie. Lofotr (2007), 104-107.

Nichols, J.E., Walcott, M., Bradley, R., Pilcher, J. and Huang, Y. 2009. Quantitative assessment of precipitation seasonality and summer surface wetness using ombrotrophic sediments from an Arctic Norwegian peatland. Quaternary Research 72, 443-451.

2) Related to other GAP research

Turney, C. Baillie, M., Clemens, S., Brown, D., Palmer, J., Pilcher, J., Reimer, P. and Leuschner, HH. 2005. Testing soloar forcing of pervasive Holocene climate cycles. Journal of Quaternary science 20(6), 511-518.

Turney, C.S.M., van den Burg, K., Wastegard, S., Davies, S.M., Whitehouse, N.J., Pilcher, J.R. and Callaghan, C. 2006. North European last glacial-interglacial transition (LGIT; 15-9ka) tephrachronology: extended limits and new events. Journal of Quaternary Science 21(4), 335-345.

Coulter, S. E., Pilcher, J. R., Hall, V. A., Plunkett, G. & Davies, S. M. 2010 (January): Testing the reliability of the JEOL FEGSEM6500F electron microprobe for quantitative major element analysis of glass shards from rhyolitic tephra. Boreas, Vol. 39, pp. 163–169.