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Prof Keith Bennett Original Version

<p>Prof Keith Bennett</p>

Prof Keith Bennett


BA Hons (Cantab), MA (Cantab.), PhD (Cantab)

Professor of Late-Quaternary Environmental Change



Department of Archaeology & Palaeoecology,
School of Geography, Queen's University of Belfast,
42 Fitzwilliam St,


+44 (0)28 9097 5136

Current Teaching:

PAL1004 Reconstructing Past Environments
PAL3031 Quaternary Palaeoecology

Current Research: Environmental Change

Late-Quaternary environmental change of Kamchatka
Late-Quaternary dynamics of western Tierra del Fuego, Chile
Using microcomputers as pollen counters, computer-assisted analysis (routine and  multivariate) and plotting of pollen data.  
I have written programs for this in BASIC, FORTRAN and C.
Evolution of plants and animals in relation to climatic change on Quaternary timescales.


Parducci, L., Suyama, Y., Lascoux, M. & Bennett, K.D. 2005. Ancient DNA from pollen: a genetic record of population history in Scots pine.
Molecular Ecology 14, 2873–2882.

Bennett, K.D. 2004. Continuing the debate on the role of Quaternary environmental change for macroevolution. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B 359, 295–303.

Giesecke, T. & Bennett, K.D. 2004. The Holocene spread of Picea abies
(L.) Karst. in Fennoscandia and adjacent areas. Journal of Biogeography 31, 1523–1548.

Bennett, K.D. & Fuller, J.L., 2002. Determining the age of the mid-Holocene Tsuga canadensis (hemlock) decline, eastern North America.
The Holocene 12, 421–429.

External Grant Funding:

Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council): Late-Quaternary Environmental Change of Kamchatka

Additional Information:

Holder of a Royal Society -Wolfson Research Merit Award