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Prof Stephen Royle

<p>Professor Stephen A. Royle</p>

Professor Stephen A. Royle


MA (Cantab) PhD (Leicester)

Professor of Island Geography



School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology
Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland


(+44) (0)2890 97 3355

Current Teaching:

GAP1011 Human Geographies of the Modern World

GAP1012 Spaces of Development

GAP2040 Geographical Research and Personal Development, course co-ordinator

GAP2047 Heritage, Culture and Land Use,  course co-ordinator

GAP3057 Dissertation, course co-ordinator

GAP3058 Aspects of Urban Development, course co-ordinator

GAP7402 Critical Approaches to Human Geography

GAP7409 Island Geographies, course co-ordinator

Current Administrative Roles:

Geography Programme Co-ordinator
Director, Centre of Canadian Studies

Current Research:

Society, Space and Culture

Geography of small islands:

  • Atlantic islands, especially St Helena and the Falkland Islands
  • Islands of Ireland

Historical geography:

  • Company colonies
  • Hudson’s Bay Company and Vancouver Island
  • Ireland, especially Belfast
  • Canadian Maritime Provinces 



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Royle, S.A. (2011) Insecurity in Canada's past, The Sixth Eccles Centre for America Studies Plenary Lecture, The British Library: London
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Journals, Special Issues

Baldacchino, G. and Royle, S.A. (eds) (2010) Postcolonialism and Islands, Space and Culture, 13.2.

Hodgett, S. and Royle, S.A. (eds) (2006) Governance, Culture and Identity in Contemporary Canada, British Journal of Canadian Studies, 19.2.

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Book Chapters

Royle, S.A. (forthcoming) ‘Canada: islands, landscapes and landmarks’, in J. Koustas (ed.) Canada: landmarks and landscapes, Wilfrid Laurier University Press: Waterloo.

Royle, S.A. (2013) ‘Manufacturing’, in H.B. Clarke and S. Gearty (eds) Maps and texts: exploring the Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Royal Irish Academy: Dublin.

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External Grant Funding:

Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland Prix du Québec (2010)
British Academy Small Personal Research Grant (2010)
Eccles Centre Visiting Fellow in North American Studies at the British Library (2008)
J.B. Harley Fellow in the History of Cartography (2005)
Shackleton Scholar (2004)
Support from Royal Irish Academy for Belfast projects

Additional Information:

Secretary, Royal Irish Academy Committee for Geographical Sciences

Member, Council of British Geography (COBRIG)

Committee Member, EUGEO, the European Society for Geography

Treasurer, International Small Island Studies Association

Chair, Royal Geographical Society Northern Ireland Region

Chief Examiner, A Level Geography, CCEA

Strange but true:

1. Steve has visited 773 islands.
2. He has supported Birmingham City – the Blues – since 1963: decades of miserable underachievement until we won the Carling Cup in 2011. But then we got relegated.