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Prof Valerie Hall

<p>Prof Valerie Hall</p>

Prof Valerie Hall


BSc Hons (Botany) Queen’s University Belfast, 1968
PhD (Palaeoecology) Queen’s University Belast 1989

Professor Emerita of Palaeoecology



School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen’s University Belfast
Northern Ireland, UK


+44 (0)28 9097 3226

Current Research: Environmental Change

Quaternary tephrochronological in Greenland, New Zealand, China and Ireland


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Hall, V.A. and Pilcher, J.R. (2002) Late-Quaternary Icelandic tephras in Ireland and Great Britain: detection, characterization and usefulness. The Holocene 12, 223-230.

Hall, V.A. (2003) Assessing the impact of Icelandic volcanism on vegetation systems in the north of Ireland in the fifth and sixth millennia BC. The Holocene 13, 131-138.

Hall, V.A. (2003) Vegetation history of mid- to western Ireland in the 2nd millennium A.D.; fresh evidence from tephra-dated palynological investigations. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 12, 7-17.

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Plunkett, G.M., Whitehouse, N.J., Hall, V.A., Brown, D.M. and Baillie, M.G.L. (2004) A precisely-dated lake-level rise marked by diatomite formation in northeastern Ireland. Journal of Quaternary Science 19, 3-7.

Turney, C.S., Lowe, J.J., Davies, S.M., Hall, V., Lowe, D.J., Wastegard, S., Hoek, W.Z., Alloway, B.  and SCOTAV and INTIMATE members (2004) Tephrochronology of last termination sequences in Europe: a protocol for improved analytical precision and robust correlation procedures. Journal of Quaternary Science 19, 111-120.

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59. Hall, V.A. (2005) The vegetation history of monastic and secular sites in the midlands of Ireland over the last two millennia. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 15, 1-12.

External Grant Funding:

2002 Environment and Heritage Service, NI £34,746, for Holocene Palaeoenvironments at Lough Neagh. With Dr N.J. Whitehouse.

2003 £500 Royal Irish Academy. To fund a palynological and tephrochronological investigation of early Neolithic farming in the Irish midlands.

2005 National Museum of Ireland. £2,500 for environmental research associated with Iron Age Body finds. With Drs Gill Plunkett and Nicki Whitehouse.