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Dr Phil Barratt

<p>Dr Philip Barratt</p>

Dr Philip Barratt

BSc Hons. Archaeology, University of Sheffield. MSc. Geoarchaeology, University of Reading. PhD. Queen's University Belfast.



Department of Archaeology & Palaeoecology,
School of Geography, Queen's University of Belfast,
42 Fitzwilliam Street,
Belfast BT9 6AX
Northern Ireland.

Current Research (Past Cultural Change):

My primary research interests are in chronology, Holocene environments and the prehistoric archaeological record. I am particularly interested in the idea of events in the past and the processes through which they occur and the issues of timings between and within different contexts e.g. environmental, cultural. Before starting my PhD in dendrochronology I was a research assistant for the IntCal04 radiocarbon calibration project and was also an honorary research associate with the Belfast dendrochronology laboratory. My PhD focused on environmental change during the mid-Holocene through the building and collation of bog-oak chronologies from Ireland. During my PhD and subsequently I have applied GIS, statistical programming, and database construction to deal with the problems of analysing large data sets.

Research Fellow on INSTAR funded project Cultivating Societies, assessing the evidence for agriculture in Neolithic Ireland.

My role in this project is to collate and analyse environmental and dating evidence from Irish archaeological and palaeoecological sites around the Mesolithic - Neolithic period. Through the analysis of this data we are aiming to identify the timings and spatial extent of landscape and cultural change around the transition to agriculture in Ireland and place it in its wider European context.

Project website:


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