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Dr Thomas Kerr

<p>Dr. Thomas R. Kerr</p>

Dr. Thomas R. Kerr

LLB, Bristol University BA Archaeology, Queen’s University of Belfast PhD, Queen’s University of Belfast.



School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (GAP)
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast, BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland, UK

Telephone (work): +44 (0)2890 973178

Current Research (Past Cultural Change ):

My primary area of research is the complex, hierarchical culture of Early Mediaeval Ireland, although I am also interested in other contemporary ‘Dark Age’ European cultures. I am employed as Research Fellow on the Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP), funded by INSTAR. EMAP has recently completed a synopsis of the archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland, and is currently involved in producing a gazetteer of important sites from this time period. I am also interested in reviewing the possible impact of plagues on contemporary society, and the possible interpretation of ‘strange’ events recorded in contemporary writings.

I previously tutored an on-line course with the Open University on ‘World Archaeology’; and was a member of the Queen’s University, ‘University Challenge Team’ that travelled to India to participate against Indian universities in 2003.


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Kerr, T. R. ‘Blame it on the Bug’: Is it possible to quantify the impact of plagues on past societies in the archaeological record? Submitted to Past & Present.

Kerr, T. R., Swindles, G, T. & Plunkett, G. Making Hay while the Sun Shines? Socio-economic change, Cereal Production and Climatic Deterioration in Early Medieval Ireland. Submitted to Journal of Archaeological Science.